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The Evon Experience
by Alex Poff

Chapter 7

Coilis’ push to Drakka was entirely successful. The system fell rather handily with all planets captured by Kaytapa’s ground units. Coilis then proceeded north to Ulgher, a system controlled by both Nommo and Psilon forces. Within a year, our flag flew over both systems and, most importantly, two more Psilon worlds were no more. >From there, the path branched north and northeast to Beta Antares and Sulaban, respectively. The Beta Antares system was also the chokepoint system, which bordered on the Klackon Hive.

As Coilis began his two-pronged assault, the Klackon Hive began to change their tone of ambiguity to one of almost begging. Their ambassadors began to plead with our High Council to formally establish a Non-Aggression Pact with their pitiful Hive; such was their concern and despair over the imminent approach of our military machine. This was exactly what Lebak and the High Council had been hoping for. We offered to “spare” them and sign the requested pact, if they would only provide us with some form of “incentive”. It was with great relish and public ceremony that we accepted their offer of new miniaturization advances for our Disintegration Beam and Megabolt Cannon technologies in return for a formal declaration of Non-Aggression. Our people rejoiced and Lebak crossed one more potential enemy off of the list, at least for the time being.

Coilis completely obliterated the Psilon and Nommo forces in Beta Antares in a matter of months, and then fortified the system with a full ten TF defense fleet. Hektar ordered the newly conquered worlds to begin building multiple Titan class IF and PD orbital stations once all planetary defense and shipbuilding facilities were in place. Our ship reserves were so great that we could easily afford to forgo ship production on these worlds, at least for the relative short period of time that would be required to bring these defense platforms on-line. Coilis then once again took personal command of the attack fleet in Sulaban, continuing the mission to eradicate the Psilons from existence.

Shortly thereafter, the Trilarians began to once more beg for leniency. While we were unsuccessful in enticing them into providing advanced technologies in return for peace, the High Council still felt that it would be in the best interest of our peoples’ deportment to accept their humble offer of Non-Aggression as well. Additionally, a pact of Non-Aggression was also signed with the 2nd Silicoid species. Our people hailed these announcements with great fervor and support for our High Council and military leaders reached an all-time high. The final piece of the morale-building puzzle was completed with the successful insertion of multiple spies into the Tachidi Collective. Almost immediately it seemed that sightings, incursions and threats against our leaders and facilities dissipated.

Tovam, as reported earlier, had had a successful start in his mission of extermination against the Tachidi. From Gadoquat, the Tachidi Collective held two connected systems, Skai to the north and Allacast to the south. From these two systems, the only exit path from both led to a solitary system directly west of Gadoquat called Unuk, effectively forming another ring in space, much as we have found in other areas of the galaxy.

After personally executing the Tachidi commander on Gadoquat I, Tovam had continued on with a two-pronged assault on Skai and Allacast, only having to glass one of the Allacast system planets from space, such was the concentration of force assembled on the planet. Kaytapa’s regional commander, Betakamp, was doing an excellent job of routing the bugs, utilizing multiple attack maneuvers with his Battleoids. Unuk, an eight-planet system, also fell, which would greatly increase our production capabilities within our Empire.

From Unuk the path led northwest to Marfak. If Tovam had violent tendencies prior to his assault on this system, they were magnified ten-fold when he learned what was taking place in Marfak. The Marfak system held six planets. When Betakamp’s assault forces landed on Marfak IV, the report Tovam received was simply ghastly. The planet was comprised almost entirely of Darloks, all enslaved.

The Darloks are a very unique species. They are a race of beings that are able to “metashift”, which means they are capable of taking on multiple appearances and forms. We had learned this, obviously, because the Ibis system in our Empire is made up almost entirely of this race. We have always found the Darloks to be playful and completely productive, happy members of our Empire. The Tachidi, on the other hand, had forced them to “shift” to a form which provided maximum physical output, collared them with energy braces to maintain this form and then proceeded to work them to death in their mines, smelters and factories. Tovam was physically sick to his stomach reviewing downloaded digital images that were continually fed into his console from our mechanized warriors on the planet surface below.

Tovam contacted Hektar immediately. “Those bastards have enslaved an entire system of Darloks! Every planet here is being run like a massive sweatshop.” Hektar was obviously distraught, but wasn’t quite sure what Tovam was after. “What do you propose?” he asked. “I want new troops for this system,” replied Tovam. “I know our Battleoids are programmed exceptionally well not to injure any civilian friendly, but I don’t think that’s enough in this case. I am formally requesting life-form based ground units for the liberation of this system, as well as the immediate dispatch of extra freighters to dispense medical aid appropriate to these people. I am also requesting permission to personally lead said ground units.” Tovam knew that we still had armor and mobile units available to us, we just hadn’t used them in front-line battle in a very long time. “What does Betakamp think of your idea?” asked Hektar. “Betakamp’s with me, you can ask him yourself, if you like. His report on resistance is identical to every one we have sent in to date. These bugs just don’t hold a candle to us, when it comes to firepower. He will obviously be my 2nd-in-command for this mission. Once we have liberated this system, I’ll hand command of the ground forces back to him immediately.” Tovam knew it was the right thing to do. A personal touch, be it Rhean or Evon (there were now many Evon soldiers in our military command, such was the prestige of serving the Empire), would go a long way towards the Darloks recovery and recuperation. It would also do nothing but enhance our already stellar reputation with the magnate civilizations that were already a part of our Empire. “Consider it done, Tovam,” stated Hektar. “Armor and Mobile armies will be dispatched from Skai immediately. They should arrive in two days.” With that, Hektar contacted Lebak immediately to inform him of the good news so that he might pa ss it on to the Darlok representatives in Ibis.

Tovam lead his soldiers in some of the bloodiest battles in the history of our people. It was with great pleasure that Tovam and his comrades on the surface would emerge from firefights splattered with green and purple ooze dripping from their uniforms, such was the intensity and pure hatred that was displayed toward the defending Tachidi troops.

When the system totally fell and our flag rose above the smoke and ash, Tovam had another prize for Hektar, Lebak and our Empire. The spies we had inserted into the Tachidi Collective enlightened us to two grand technology discoveries, one that would cause Hektar to potentially redesign our entire fleet. The introduction of the Very Heavy Weapons Mount and the Ultra Spinal Weapons Mount would greatly increase our weapons range and also give us the capability of mounting weapons capable of destroying an entire planet.

“It has been a good day,” mused Tovam, as he took up his command position on the bridge of his Titan class IF ship and prepared to warp out of the system. As was standard practice, a defense fleet was remaining behind in Marfak to protect the system from “backwash incursions’, but Tovam did not foresee any problems. “Only three systems left, you little bastards, and I’m coming for you. Helmsman, engage engines, maximum warp!”


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