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This section of the MoO3 Guardian is still from the pre-release time.
Please visit our Strategies sections for more up to date information.

Here you'll find information how the parts of Master of Orion will work and play together.

On April 9th 2002, a review of the alpha by Infogrames and Quicksilver resulted in some significant changes to the game. Click here to view the official "Cut List".

Space Battles
Read about space battles in Master of Orion 3 and why they'll be in real-time
Surface Combat
Read about the factors that influence ground combat in Master of Orion 3
Read about new and old races
How will technology research work?
Galaxy Map
How will the galaxy map and it's systems/planets look like?
Space Travel
Read about the different ways to travel in space in Master of Orion 3
Read about the different kinds of weapons
Victory Points
Read about the ways of determining victory
An overview and a glossary of terms

Some words on how you'll get leaders and their importance in game
How much will you have to / be able to do?
Read about Population Growth and P. Points (including several formulas)
AI in Real-Time Battles
Read about the AIs and how computer players will act in space battles
Wild Stuff
Modifications, etc.
What about multiplayer support?



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