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The Evon Experience
by Alex Poff

Huge 3 Arm Galaxy, Hard Level
16 other AI races, few star lanes, short.
Started on outer rim, not in Senate

Chapter 1 A New Beginning

We awoke to another beautiful sunrise on Sente II, with a sense of anticipation in our collective hearts. Our people had recently developed warp technology and our 1st three vessels were ready to begin their "ascent to the stars."

We had already determined that our six-world solar system was truly magnificent. Our three-ship squadron of elite "hawk" frigates, while lacking warp engines (they had been constructed years before, prior to our technological advance) had mapped our system and determined that three other worlds were "sweet spot" or "green 1", one was a "yellow 1" (more than suitable for colonization with a little "help"), while the last little planet, closest to our sun, was a "red 1" which would require a lot of terraforming to bring it up to livable standards. It was still a little jewel, however. Sensors indicated it was mineral rich and that sending and establishing an outpost on Sente I would most definitely reap rewards in the not too distant future.

Our drive and motivation to develop warp technology was a simple one. We had to ensure the long-term survival of our species. Yes, our solar system would more than accommodate our peoples' growth and expansion for years to come, but they did not provide infinite space. Scientific forecasts indicated that in approximately one hundred and fifty cycles overcrowding of our entire system, not just Sente II, would cause significant problems for our species. Overcrowding and lack of food would become significant issues in our future, as it would for any thriving, successful life form. In addition, the enlightened minds of our society felt that there must be other life in the galaxy. Who were they? Did they look like us? How big was the galaxy? So many questions... so few answers. We were ready. It was time to go!

Our first three warp capable ships were of two varieties; two were Scout class vessels, their sole aim to reach out and explore the unknown. The second ship type was a Colony class vessel. It was full of intrepid Evon, scientists and adventurers all, willing to risk everything to find and be the first to settle on a new world outside our galaxy. A risky mission, to be sure, but one that realistically had to be taken.

Our scientists had determined that there were actually three different ways to leave our solar system. We had discovered three "jump lanes" or exit points, all of which seemed to point off in different directions. Our limited scanning capabilities only allowed us to see that, indeed, another solar system lay at the end of each "lane", each with its own sun (of varying size and age). Beyond that, who knew? We decided to let caution prevail. We would not send our colony ship down one of these lanes unescorted. We chose to send the colony ship down the shortest lane accompanied by one of our scouts, which, not coincidentally, had what we believed to be the best likelihood of finding a planet most similar to our own. The second scout chose the remaining shorter lane of the two remaining, and with much fanfare on Sente II, the next phase in the Evon Empire had begun.


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