Researchable Technology | Unresearchable Technology

Research Points
Force Fields
Colony Base Nuclear Drive Nuclear Missile   Electronic Computer Laser Cannon  
Star Base Nuclear Bomb Standard Fuel Cells   Laser Rifle  
Marine Barracks Extended Fuel Tanks   Space Scanner  
  Titanium Armor  
Anti-Missile Rockets Colony Ship Hydroponic Farm
Fighter Bays Freighters Biospheres
Reinforced Hull Outpost Ship
Automated Factories Space Academy Research Laboratory Fusion Beam  
Missile Base Optronic Computer Fusion Rifle  
Heavy Armor Dauntless Guidance System
Battle Pods Fusion Drive Deuterium Fuel Cells Tachyon Communication Class I Shield
Troop Pods Fusion Bomb Tritanium Armor Tachyon Scanner Mass Driver
Survival Pods Augmented Engines Battle Scanner ECM Jammer
Space Port Neural Scanner Cloning Center
Armor Barracks Scout Lab Soil Enrichment
Fighter Garrison Security Stations Death Spores
Robo Mining Plant Merculite Missile Xeno Psychology Anti-Grav Harness
Battle Station Pollution Processor Alien Control Center Inertial Stabilizer
Powered Armor Gyro Destabilizer
Fast Missile Racks Ion Drive Positronic Computer Telepathic Training Neutron Blaster Class III Shield
Advanced Damage Control Ion Pulse Cannon Planetary Supercomputer Microbiotics Neutron Scanner Planetary Radiation Shield
Assault Shuttle Shield Capacitor Holo Simulator Warp Dissipator
Titan Construction Pulson Missile Planetary Stock-Exchange Terraforming Tractor Beam
Ground Batteries Atmospheric Renewer Graviton Beam
Battleoids Iridium Fuel Cells Planetary Gravity Generator
Recyclotron Emissions Guidance System Subterranean Farms Subspace Communication Stealth Field
Automated Repair Unit Rangemaster Target Unit Weather Controller Jump Gate Personal Shield
Artificial Planet Construction Cyber Security Link Stealth Suit
Robotic Factory Anti-Matter Drive Nano Disassemblers Astro University Phasor Pulsar
Bomber Bays Anti-Matter Torpedo Microlite Construction Phasor Rifle Warp Field Interdicter
  Anti-Matter Bomb Zortrium Armor Multi-Phased Shields Lightning Field
Transporters Cybertronic Computer Psionics Class V Shield
  Food Replicators Autolab Heightened Intelligence Multi-Wave ECM Jammer
  Structural Analyzer Gauss Cannon
Deep Core Mine High Energy Focus Android Farmers Plasma Cannon Cloaking Device
  Core Waste Dumps Energy Absorber Android Workers Plasma Rifle Stasis Field
  Megafluxers Android Scientists Plasma Web Hard Shields
Proton Torpedo Zeon Missile Confederation Virtual Reality Network Bio Terminator Disruptor Cannon Class VII Shield
  Hyper Drive Neutronium Armor Imperium Galactic Cybernet Universal Antidote Dimensional Portal Planetary Flux Shield
  Hyper-X Capacitor Uridium Fuel Cells Federation   Wide Area Jammer
  Galactic Unification  
Star Fortress Galactic Currency Exchange Pleasure Dome Hyperspace Communication
Advanced City Planning Moleculartronic Computer Sensors
Heavy Fighters Achilles Targeting Unit Mauler Device
Doom Star Construction Biomorphic Fungi Displacement Device
Artemis System Net Gaia Transformation Subspace Teleporter
  Evolutionary Mutation Inertial Nullifier
Interphased Drive Thorium Fuel Cells  
  Plasma Torpedo Adamantium Armor  
  Neutronium Bomb  
  Time Warp Facilitator Class X Shield
  Stellar Converter Planetary Barrier Shield
  Star Gate Phasing Cloak


Thanks to Andy for collecting and providing us with the data.



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