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The Evon Experience
by Alex Poff

Chapter 19 Laan and Vengeance

The last of our 1st generation Dreadnought class ships had rolled off the production line and our new 2nd generation ships were in full production. Sensor scans of the Laan system indicated that every one of the six planets had been re-taken by the Laaran and once again, was certain to have a powerful defense force awaiting our arrival. Labon was hopeful that our ten TF fleet, still predominantly configured with mostly 1st generation vessels, but this time backed up with re-supply of nothing but brand new 2nd generation ships, would be adequate for the task at hand.

The High Council was livid, and, in fact, it was Labon who had convinced the High Council that a brave but vain attempt to re-take Laan system to quickly without adequate firepower would only be suicide for the Empire. “The Alkari are gone, we know that in our hearts. Let us not condemn our Empire to the same fate with a foolish attempt at vengeance when we have no chance of success” said Labon, as he spoke before the High Council. “No, let us prepare, for we are a cautious people by nature. Let us revert to our beginnings, and when the time is right, let us crush our enemies and all who stand before us!”

Hektar took command of the fleet and entered the jump lane in Ognath, on course for Laan. Four 2nd generation TF’s would launch from Ognath 1 cycle later, providing immediate reinforcements for his fleets, if needed. Additional TF’s were in reserve and more were in production. “If we fail on this attempt, God help our people.” thought Labon, for this was, indeed, the best we could muster.

The second battle for the Laan system turned out to have much the same initial result as the first battle. At even odds, even with the new Laaran PD weapon (some kind of lightning generator), our missile power was simply too devastating. With 2nd generation reinforcements flowing into the Laan system on a fairly steady basis, the Laaran ships were smashed to tiny shards and metal particles, unable to face the overwhelming barrage that constantly smashed their hulls. It only took a matter of weeks to completely conquer the Laan system, for the last time, we hoped. Again, some planets were enslaved (two), while four were re-colonized with Evon citizens. Hektar commanded, at all times, a minimum of an eight TF fleet (all 2nd generation vessels by now) in the Laan system, and Loban prepared a new strike force to hit at Lepus, the second of three systems that made up the “ring” to the north of Ognath. The Eolodi did provide us with additional military intelligence, informing us that the Laaran now h ad a complement of less than one hundred ships in their entire fleet. It appeared that we had finally “”broken their back”, as it were.

Loban thought, “When history looks back on our empires’ expansion throughout the galaxy, there will be a very sad footnote in this chapter. In the end, we have been victorious, but it has cost us so much, a part of our soul.”


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