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The Evon Experience
by Alex Poff

Chapter 6 The Push

A war tribunal has been held at the last session of the High Council, with our military commanders requesting permission to advance on Takaras, the next system beyond Saak, which holds two planets now completely populated with the Ithkul parasite. All military arguments aside, it was a relatively easy decision for the High Council to reach, as our population, while in no way unhappy or overly concerned with living conditions and overcrowding, have expressed a definite opinion that the expansion of the empire to new "green" worlds would be preferable to colonizing the few remaining "red" worlds within our empire. It is also preferable to leave these planets for our Rhean and Darlok members, who, while their segment of the population is increasing as well, is not increasing at anywhere near the same rate as we Evon. With that said, our military commanders were given the go-ahead to advance. Strike now, and drive a stake through the hearts of the parasite.

Our strike force would consist of five full LR TF's, consisting of sixteen LR Battle Cruisers and two Destroyer Recon ships. We had a very modest light armor and Class I shield capability for defense of our vessels, and, we concluded, a healthy mix of offensive weaponry which included the following:

Two flights of Interceptor fighters (with armor) armed with fusion cannons.

One volley of eight missiles on a rocket chassis (to lead the fighters).

Four fusion cannons for in-close offensive firepower.

A multitude of Hard Beams for point defense.

Upon dropping out of warp and entering the Takaras system we saw, for the first time in our Empire's existence, a fleet of warships intent on our destruction. Our ship commanders were our finest, but yet nothing we had ever done in the history of our Empire could truly have prepared them for this day. Sensors picked up four enemy TF's, comprised of two Missile TF's, one Carrier TF (a force we had decided was not yet worthy of construction due to our relatively small main ship size and relatively inefficient "punch" of our fighters) and a Short Range Attack TF. The planet was also heavily fortified with a full complement of Missile, Beam and Fighter bays, plus four Missile Orbitals.

They engaged us immediately, seven volleys of missiles streaking through space towards our lead TF, followed closely by a mass of fighters. The SR TF was closing in for the kill. We responded in kind, all TF's launching our single missile volley and interceptors at the SR attack force, which was considered the most immediate threat. Would our PD weapons be able to take out their missiles? The answer would come in short order.

Our missiles struck the SR TF first, and in an instant the SR TF vanished from our sensor arrays, disintegrated before it could even fire a single shot. The remaining missiles that had not impacted and detonated automatically re-acquired a new target, one of the parasites missile TF's, and along with our interceptors raced off across the sky to engage. Our PD weapons lit up space in a ghostly green glow, all five LR TF's firing to protect our lead TF from the enemy missile and fighter onslaught.

Our lead commander, Kotan, never deviated from his mission; a memorial has been constructed in his memory on Sente II for his dedication to Evon. He died that day, along with his entire TF in that first brutal attack.

While a true tragedy, the mission was by no means a loss. Our remaining missiles and interceptors tore through the first Ithkul missile TF like cheese, and then our remaining interceptors engaged the 2nd missile TF until, out of ammunition, returned to reload in our remaining four TF's carrier bays. By this time, our greater engine speed had closed the gap between the remains of the 2nd Ithkul missile TF and their Carrier TF and while they were able to launch one more salvo and one more flight of fighters taking out five more Battle Cruisers from our 2nd TF, our fusion cannons smoked their hulls like so much overcooked bacon.
Their planetary defenses were next to fall, and our military commanders were relatively pleased with our ships defensive capabilities because the planetary oribitals had actually managed to fire all their missile racks before their destruction and our armor and PD weapons had been relatively successful against such a massive assault.
When the "dust" had cleared, we had lost twenty-three ships, they had lost all sixty-four plus their planetary defenses were gone. The planet was ours for the taking. We glassed them from orbit, not wanting to even breathe the same air as these ghastly creatures. It was time to move on to the 2nd and last planet in the system.


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