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Master of Orion 3 - An Introduction

Twenty thousand Galactic Cycles have passed since a supernova annihilated the diverse, multi-species culture of Center One. Over a hundred million sentient beings are believed to have left Center One before its destruction, whether willingly or unwillingly. These exiles and travellers spread out across their arm of the galaxy, and planted the seeds from which many powerful spacefaring civilizations evolved.

Over the course of eons, these civilizations explred the vast ranges of interstellar space, expanded, and fought bitter wars of conquest. Many have fallen, and to those who remain the tales of the Elder Civilizations such as the Orions are mere myths, distant echoes of what might have been.

Yet the footprints of the Orions do remain, waiting for those inqisitive and persistent enough to find them. Aritfacts of great power, and secrets powerful enough to transform entire civilizations, await those who explore this storied part of the galaxy. Other Elder Civilizations also exist, and beyond them, deep in the Galactic core, another power grows slowly but surely. Are you prepared to become the Master of Orion, and to discover the truth behind the Orion Sector and its inhabitant?

Welcome to the world of Master of Orion 3. Your journey begins here.


Technical Details

The Master of Orion series is one of the most famous space strategy games, it combines the four elements "eXplore", "eXpand", "eXploit" and "eXterminate" (4-X strategy games).
Additionally to these 4X's, Master of Orion 3 creates a new, fifth X - "eXperience".
It's a turn-based space-strategy game, where one is able to do nearly everything. The player represents the controlling power behind an entire galactic civilization - it's not enough to be an able economist or a great captain to succeed in Master of Orion 3, but if considerable political, administrative, and espionage skills are applied, your civilization's destiny will be forever written in the stars.

After about 7 years of waiting, on February 25th 2003, Quicksilver Software released the third part of the series - Master of Orion 3. Changes to the previous parts include new races, a completely redesigned interface, viceroys,.. and real time combat on top of that.

Minimum system requirements
Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP
300 MHz Pentium II or better
128 MB RAM
8X or faster CD-ROM
800 MB Hard Drive Space
Direct X 8.1 Compatible Video Card (must be able to display 800x600x16bit)
DirectX 8.1 Compatible Sound Card
8 Player Network Play via TCP/IP (LAN or Internet)
2-Button Mouse
TCP/IP Internet Capable Connection Required for Multiplayer Play


Recommended configuration
500 MHz Pentium III or better
256 MB RAM
DSL/Cable Modem for Multiplayer Play
3-Button Mouse

***Windows 95 and NT4.0 are not supported***
***Alt-Tabbing to the Desktop is not supported and may cause erratic behavior or cause the game to crash***



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