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The Evon Experience
by Alex Poff

Chapter 9

“Damned Klackons. I knew it, I knew they would never stay on board,” snorted Lebak, as he drained the last of his second pint. “But surely you didn’t expect them to keep the treaty, did you?” asked Hektar. “A humanoid race, eviscerating their cousins, setting up shop in their space, obviously requires some type of negative response. Besides, who cares? Tovam mopped the floor with them, used their heads for a mop and their butts for a broom! Grotius is all ours. I’m the one with the problem, if you can call it that.” “What, fighting your way to the last Psilon system?” asked Lebak, motioning for the waiter to bring another pint for him and Hektar. “No, that’s not it, although I will have to do that now,” said Hektar. “It’s my warship production. As you know, I have control of over two hundred and fifty military shipbuilding facilities now, almost all of which are capable of pumping out any type of capital ship I feel w e need.” “So, that’s a good thing, isn’t it?” asked Lebak. “Of course it is, but you yourself just sent me the scientific advancements memo yesterday informing me that we now have the capability of installing warp IX engines for all vessels. In addition to that, Tovam’s latest battle report indicates that he has acquired both the Ultra Spinal Mount and Class VIII shield technologies in his Grotius conquests. This means that I am going to have to begin the planning for an entire new fleet of ships incorporating all three advances and then implementing it. It would be foolish not to.” “I see your point,” said Lebak, then, trying to hold back a smirk, “Better get drunk tonight, because it sounds like you have one helluva lot of work to do over the next few weeks.”

“Exactly. I know why I’m drinking tonight. So why are you getting hammered?” asked Hektar. “Well, on most fronts our diplomatic relations seem to be going down the toilet,” replied Lebak. The Silicoids to the north have also broken our Non-Aggression Pact, as have the Trilarians. The only positive thing to come out of our inter-species diplomatic sessions lately has been another offer of a six-cycle Cease Fire with the Nommo, but I don’t think we’ll even bother to officially respond.” “No, accept it,” said Hektar. “What in God’s name for?” asked Lebak. “Tovam has discovered what has got to be another Guardian system, two systems to the north of Exis. Our sensors can’t penetrate it, but everything we can get tells us that it is exactly the same as the three previous Guardian systems we have encountered. The system between it and Exis is Nommo-held. If we can gain access to that system without a fight, it would obviousl y make things a lot easier. There is bound to be some great planets available in that system, and you are always telling me how much land is at a premium now.” “That’s great news, Hektar!” smiled Lebak. “First thing in the morning, I will advise the High Council to accept the Nommo offer, and then you can dispatch a fleet and colony ships to the system post haste.”

“Consider it done. But maybe we might have to leave it until the afternoon. Waiter… another round for me and my friend, here!”


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