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The Evon Experience
by Alex Poff

Chapter 6

His first official duty in his new Vice Admiral’s uniform was to attend the state funeral of his predecessor and mentor. Hektar didn’t like it one bit. In fact, he and Coilis had actually argued over whom should get “stuck” with the position, both so wanted to avenge Labon’s death personally that the exalted promotion seemed hollow. Lebak had been asked by the High Council to make the recommendation based on his office’s association with the military and also because of his long-standing friendship with the man himself. Lebak was faced with the same daunting decision that would have befallen Labon; how to decide between two equally impressive and highly decorated fleet commanders? In the end, Lebak had decided upon simplicity, convenience and situation. Coilis was already en route with his fleet to Drakka to exterminate the Meklar from that quadrant of space while Hektar was already here, on Sente II, having completed his mission in the southeast. He was just starting hi s furlong and was awaiting the arrival of his good friend so he could collect on their bet. The urgency of the situation called for an immediate replacement and one of the two commanders, considered by our people to be the best of the best, was available, now.

Lebak had informed Hektar of their suspicions that the Tachidi were to blame but that, for political purposes, the Psilons would be the official target of the Evon Empire’s rage. Besides, it was still entirely possible that the Psilons were the culprits. Hektar agreed that this scenario worked perfectly into our plans for expansion of our empire and extermination of our enemies. Beyond Drakka lay a small number of systems controlled by the Nommo but which also held most of the last remnants of the Psilons. With a freshly renewed hate fostered amongst our people, public opinion would be on the military’s side as we continued our “roll” north from Drakka. Coilis would be able to push north and establish a new chokepoint in the Beta Antares system, a system that bordered on the Klackon Hive. Meanwhile, Tovam would continue his assault on the Tachidi Collective in the south, aided by the insertion of our new wave of spies and saboteurs.

The High Council was also looking at additional ways to reduce the level of unrest currently taking its toll on our people. The Silicoid Empire, which lay to the far north through a wormhole in Juta, had made extremely peaceful overtures over the last few months via proper diplomatic channels, extolling our virtues and requesting various trade and economic agreements be put in place. The Trilarians were continuing to sue for peace, even after we had completely eliminated them, along with the Meklar, from the southeast quadrant of the galaxy. The fact that they no longer posed any threat nor occupied any space that we currently had designs on stood in their favour. The Klackon Hive, who had always been relatively ambiguous concerning our relationship, were also making positive statements to our ambassadors, alluding to various cooperative efforts in business and trade that could be made between our peoples. The High Council knew that fewer enemies and less official declarations of war would sit well with ou r people. It would also aid our internal security division, potentially lowering the vast array of outside threats to our leaders and institutions. Hektar’s first audience before the High Council was to assure them that our true enemies would suffer and pay, but that all military operations and options would be reviewed post haste so that morale-enhancing treaties could be signed for the benefit of our race. The members of the High Council were pleased. “We have been blessed with generations of true warriors to lead and protect us, men of honour, who think of the Empire first!” were the words of the members as they adjourned the session.

Hektar had a big job to do now. Before, it was simply get the bastards in his sights and fire, now it involved multiple levels of war and strategy, with a healthy mix of politics injected for good measure. He was already keenly aware of the importance of the inter-relationship between his office and that of Lebak’s, his High Council’s Military Attache. It was time to get to know this man a lot better. He would become his new, closest confidant. Already, he felt as if he had known him all his life.


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