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The Evon Experience
by Alex Poff

Chapter 18 The Alkari Horror

Labon couldn’t fault Hektar for his decision; it had been the right one, strategically. His small fleet was obviously overmatched and in the end, simply would have added additional pages to the long list of dead generated by the Laaran assault in Laan. Better to retreat to Ognath where we could re-fortify our position as quickly as possible in the hope that we could rejoin the battle better prepared. In the two cycles it took for Hektar to return to Ognath, we listened in horror to the pleas and finally the death cries of our Alkari brethren and Evon brothers in Laan. Laan VI fell silent, and we knew in our hearts, that the Alkari were no more.

But what to do? By the time Hektar reached Ognath, Laan VI and V had been obliterated. We now had a total of seven TF’s in Ognath (Hektar’s four, the two that had been stationed there and the one additional TF that had just come on-line) and production was ramping up to best possible speed, but it was not going to be enough. We needed help, in some manner or another.

A desperate plea went out to our allies. The Eolodi acknowledged our request for assistance, but were vague and non-committal, sighting distance limitations, etc. The Olaptra on the other hand, provided serious support. While they could not send ships to our aid because they were currently battling the remaining Ithkul forces (we had agreed that we would fight the Laaran, they would fight the Ithkul, so as to better concentrate our mutual efforts), they immediately enlightened our scientists to advanced weapons technology. Phaser Beam weaponry, along with a miniaturization technology for same, as well as an upgrade to Heavy Armour and a new Light Missile Chassis, which effectively doubled the effectiveness of our missiles was given, no questions asked.

Armed with this new technology, 2nd generation ships were put on-line, with our LR TF’s acquiring the farther-reaching phasers, our IF ships utilizing the new missile chassis and all ships being outfitted with the better armor. Unfortunately, this would take time, and as we built our new fleets, we listened to Laan die.


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