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The Evon Experience
by Alex Poff

Chapter 11 Mission to Maestrom

This mission will probably go down in the history books as one of the most efficient in our Empire. Coilis was like a man possessed and his coordination of the fleet at his command was nothing short of spectacular. Only two of the six worlds in the Maestrom system were “Ithkul-free” which meant annihilation for the other four. Depending on the cycle, there were, at times, over one thousand enemy ships from all three aforementioned races in the Maestrom system, all trying to stop our advance. It is with certainty that the “Red Alert – Proximity Warning” signal probably never fell silent in the “Seven Day War”, as it came to be known. Coilis destroyed all comers, never losing a single ship. It is with utmost certainty that he particularly relished the destruction of all things Psilon and Trilarian, as he ignored their pleas for mercy and continued with his mission of subjugating two worlds and colonizing the other four.

Labon informed Coilis that he was putting him in for the Order of Evon, one of our worlds’ highest honours for military service, but he wasn’t going to be able to pick it up in person just yet. Labon and the High Council had decided that now was the time for a multi-pronged assault. Coilis would be given all the reinforcements he would require (we had over one thousand Titan class war ships in reserve) to push on into the Meklar Empire to eradicate and subjugate all mechs in his path.

Hektar would remain in Juta with a ten TF fleet on defensive duty for now, as it had been determined that another jump lane from Juta led into another area of space controlled by another silicoid species. This Geodic species had made no overtures in our direction at all even though we had political access to each other. Because of our past experience with the Laaran, we were not going to allow any potential threat to raise its head out of the sand. Hektar deserved a small rest anyway after snuffing the Psilons in Rayden. Labon assured him it would not be for an extended period of time. Privately, he and Lebak were also reviewing star charts to determine the vastness of this new silicoid species’ territory, determining if it was “ripe” for attack. If it were, Hektar would be the man for the job.

Back to the north and west, through the wormhole, in our “home” territory, Sebak, who now commanded the defensive forces in Drossel (one step out from Moya and a planet-less system), would lead another massive strike force into the center of the galaxy to finalize the eradication of the Psilons from existence. Along the way, if he was able to destroy any Trilarian worlds in the bargain, so much the better. He, too, would have access to our plentiful reserves as required. All Labon had to do was shift ship production on one of our juggernaut planets to begin producing more Troop transports, as we were slightly under-equipped in this area. Kaytapa and his field commanders were completely prepared. More than three hundred Battleoids stood ready for deployment at a moments’ notice, along with all the support units that may be required. Also, a great quantity of Colony ships stood at the ready, prepared with hardy volunteers who desired new lands to develop and grow.

Labon and Lebak decided to have a few drinks together the night before the dawn of the greatest war in the history of the Evon people. True, over-confidence can be a dangerous thing, but based on all assaults that had occurred in the past, Labon and Lebak could foresee nothing but victory. As long as our alliances with the Eolodi and Tralaifa held, the future looked bright.


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