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The Evon Experience
by Alex Poff

Chapter 5

Over the next few years there were some interesting developments, expected results and diabolical events that took place.

The Meklar war went extremely well. Coilis and Hektar were victorious in their assaults in the southeastern hemisphere of the galaxy, taking only five more years to successfully eliminate the Meklar and all other species from that sector of space. Coilis had marched from Thales north to Butain and west to Alinya conquering both systems and effectively cut off the Assallus system, which had been the original final destination and focus of his bet with Hektar. Coilis had then used a two-pronged assault on the Assallus system, attacking from Thales to the east and Alinya to the north. The Meklar fleets in Assallus never stood a chance, as the pincer movement employed worked to perfection, two separate fleets of five TF’s each entering the system through different jump lanes at exactly the same time.

Hektar, as indicated, had been just as successful, but unfortunately, with respect to the bet, had taken slightly longer to complete his mission. The two systems that were “dead-ended” beyond Nostrum had held multiple planets and were all controlled by different species. The Nommo, in particular, had massed thousands of ships in defense of the few planets they held and had been relentless in their defense. As we had found to be the case, however, it was the ground battles that had taken the longest. The High Council was adamant in their stance of conquering “intact” planets. It was practically impossible to argue the point. A fully developed world, once our military command was instituted, was capable of producing Titan class ships almost immediately whereas a newly colonized world would literally take decades to develop. Hektar could only listen via interstellar communicator and good-naturedly grumble as Coilis received confirmation of Assallus III’s final capitulation. &ldqu o;Makin’ the reservation as we speak, buddy!” said Coilis. “Make one for me too, you jackass”, laughed Hektar. “Just ‘cause you won the bet don’t mean that I ain’t goin’ with you!”

Labon was very pleased. Too bad he was going to have to delay their vacation, at least for a short while. To the north of Alinya lay the Drakka system and this system was the last one held by the Meklar in the southeastern hemisphere. The remainder of their Empire lay further to the north and center of the galaxy, beyond Trilarian space via Juta. It only made sense to eliminate the Meklar entirely in the southeast. This also would bring us one system closer to one of the final areas of space where the remnants of the Psilons lay, in and amongst Nommo systems in the center-west of the galaxy. After the surprise attack on Tovam in Gadoquat, both Labon and Lebak had privately discussed, once again, the final and complete annihilation of the Psilons. They both were very aware of the potential for public discontent for this action, but after the attack both felt that it would be more than justified.

Lebak also had another angle that could be played to sway public opinion, but it was one that he wished he didn’t have an opportunity to use. Since the beginning of our war with the Tachidi there had been ever-present and increasing telltale signs of espionage and sabotage occurring within our Empire. We had a massive quantity of internal anti-espionage agents in place throughout our massive domain and we thought that the situation was manageable, given now that so many species were a part of our Empire. Unfortunately, we miscalculated very badly. Over the last six months, three leaders had been assassinated. To make matters worse, we were unable to determine the actual culprit or culprits, let alone catch them. It was the High Council’s belief that the Tachidi were to blame, but all members were not so foolish as to eliminate our many other enemies from suspicion.

We had not engaged in any external acts of terrorism, espionage or sabotage for over a decade now, simply because we weren’t very good at it, or at least so it seemed. Our last agents that had been deployed against the Meklar at the beginning of our war had all been caught and summarily executed. Nonetheless, a response was required. Curfews were instituted in certain areas and more stringent regulations and use of identification papers were now required to access certain regions and buildings throughout our vast space. To offset the unease cast upon the public by these new restrictions on their daily comings and goings, greater expenditures on public services were implemented at the same time.

Lebak knew that he could blame the death of our leaders on the Psilons. Because we had been completely unsuccessful in our attempts at uncovering the true identity of the assassin(s), blame could be laid wherever we so chose. It was a political advantage, but as said before, one that Lebak ultimately wished he had never had the chance of utilizing.

In addition, multiple spies were now being trained for insertion into the Tachidi Collective. This was where we truly believed the incursions to be originating from and we hoped that our “counter-attack” would effectively put an end to these hideous murders. “Besides”, said Lebak “ I hate walking around with these damn body guards all the time. Makes me feel like some kind of rock star, and I never liked rock stars.” Labon chuckled, picturing Lebak hammering on a six-string. “I think we will not have much longer to deal with this threat, my friend. As we speak, Tovam has already secured three systems and eleven Tachidi planets. In a few more years, the only bugs we will have to worry about will be the ants at our picnic”, Labon stated, pride in his military commanders showing on his leathered face. “I believe you, my friend, I truly do”, sighed Lebak. “But we have already lost so many, it is difficult not to grieve.” “No, you are right to grieve, Lebak, as should we all. But our leaders will not perish in vain. As in the past, all who oppose us shall die! Trust me, my friend, all our enemies will continue to pay for their crimes with their lives!” swore Labon.

“And what of you, my old friend?” queried Lebak. “Will you now retire and hand over command to Coilis or Hektar, leaving me to train your replacement?” chuckled Lebak. “I will have to discuss that with them both, once Drakka falls”, said Labon, “but, to be honest, I am uncertain. I no longer feel the despair I felt five years ago. I feel invigorated and newly challenged. Maybe it is because I am now associating with a rock star, and it makes me feel young again!” he chided. “Ah, to hell with you, you gun-toting cowboy! Just make sure you let me know what you decide, OK?” asked Lebak. “Can’t let you retire without a formal party, but I sure as hell am not going to waste my time arranging it if you’re just going to be back in your damned office again the next day!” “No sweat, you’ll be the first to know”, smiled Labon, as they got up from the table to part ways. Labon headed for his communications department . He had to let Coilis know of his orders to take Drakka before he could collect on his bet. “Shouldn’t take him long”, mused Labon, as he strolled down the street, now growing dark with the setting of the afternoon sun. Just dark enough to conceal the barrel of a silencer pistol extending from the alley.


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