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The Evon Experience
by Alex Poff

Chapter 23 Battle at Caladar Part 2

Over the next two days Semak’s rage was tempered greatly, based on the rather staggering turn of events. Our five Superdreadnoughts arrived as scheduled in Caladar bringing our forces up to a total of twelve TF’s and the obliteration of the Eolodi on the three planets was completed, but even Labon was shocked at what happened next. Before we could attempt any colony ship landings more than one thousand war ships from both the Eolodi and Tralaifa empires advanced on the system.

The first and only battle that was fought cost us two TF’s before the enemy turned and fled. We inflicted no casualties whatsoever, their ships exiting through the wormhole before our missiles and fighters could engage. It was clearly evident that, even with a steady flow of approximately two Superdreadnought TF reinforcements per cycle, we could not fight this war of attrition and have any hope of winning.

The High Council was also under extreme pressure from the public at large. Because we had been allies with the Eolodi for so long, there was literally millions of their kind living amongst us as citizens. Social unrest was at an all time high. Nobody wanted war with beings that had previously been their neighbours, especially a long and bloody one, which was very evident that this war would be. It was one that we probably wouldn’t win, either.

Labon and the High Council were very aware of our dire situation. What to do? It was then, like a life preserver being thrown to a drowning man, that the Eolodi solved our problem for us. The Eolodi ambassador sued for peace. They had over six hundred ships alone sitting in Caladar and they did not want to fight with us anymore either. Lebak was resigned to the fact that, at least for now, this was the only course of action. The people had clearly spoken. “We are not a race who makes war for wars’ sake!” With that, the armistice was signed. We also immediately dispatched a similar request to the Tralaifa, for they, too, had over five hundred ships stationed in Caladar. The Tralaifa greeted our entreaties with equal enthusiasm and one cycle later an armistice with their race was also enacted.

From this point things moved exceedingly quickly. The three now-vacant planets in Caladar were still to be colonized, but because of our existing agreements and ships from all factions stationed there, no colony ship was allowed to land. Economic agreements came next, and within cycles, full defensive alliances were signed. The Evon populations’ mood rapidly changed from dread and despair to one of hope and optimism. Semak was also ready. The moment the formal alliance was signed, two-pod colony ships disembarked on all three worlds in Caladar. Because the planets were best suited to our people anyway, and because our colony ships held twice as many citizens as our “new again” allies, the worlds were ours. The Eolodi complained not at all, and it is Lebak’s opinion that the Eolodi are well aware that the reason the war started in the first place was their original belligerence over these worlds.

The Trilarian ambassador also seemed quite pleased with our empires’ return to a more peaceful footing. They, too, soon advanced a request for a Full Alliance with our nation, which the High Council was happy to accept as well. Yes, the Olaptra still had their disagreements with the Eolodi, but once again, we told both parties that we wanted no part of their quarrel, again, without apparent repercussions.

On the military front, Labon now has three chokepoints to worry about, which he does rather well. Technically, Caladar could now be considered our “northern” front, as it is physically farther north than Moya, but both systems lead to the center of the known galaxy; Moya via a normal jump lane and Caladar through the wormhole. The Laaran still exist but only control one system, deep in the center of the galaxy, far from us. With their myriad of enemies, we firmly believe that is only a matter of time before they no longer exist as a life form in the universe. Labon is in constant touch with our scientific advisors, who have just recently delivered new advances. Scatter Pack missiles are now available as well as a Heavy Missile Chassis to launch them, once again practically doubling our attack yield for these weapons. A new weapon for our LR TF’s is also available called a Dark Energy Beam. Testing with this new weapon will continue and for the time being Labon has ordered all ship buildin g facilities responsible for IF and LR construction to immediately implement the new advances onto our ships, creating a 3rd generation vessel in the Superdreadnought class. Labon has fortified all three chokepoints with a minimum of one hundred and eighty vessels and we currently have approximately sixty Superdreadnoughts in reserve, awaiting instructions and orders.

But what now? Well, for the time being, everything seems pretty right with the universe. We are at peace with four powerful empires, with no enemies of any kind anywhere near us. Our focus has shifted from the military to the scientific which inevitably benefits the military anyway. Our people are happy. We control eighty-two planets in sixteen solar systems and overcrowding in the empire has been controlled. No, things look good, and we are hoping for a long period of peace and economic and scientific growth for our people. “We are not a race who makes war for wars’ sake!” was said before, but Labon will be waiting and watching and he will be ready.


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