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The Evon Experience
by Alex Poff

Chapter 7 The Push Part II

Back at home, our initial victory of the Ithkul in Takaras kicked off a spontaneous party in the streets across our empire. Eolodi ambassadors were singing our praises to the High Council and on a lighter note, give a wide berth to celebrating, drunken Rheans.

Our military commanders were working hard in conjunction with our scientists as well. While our initial victory was indeed a positive sign, we had to remember that we had lost over twenty-five per cent of our fleet in Takaras and all we had remaining for system defense in Saak was our original four-ship LR Cruiser squadron, now considered hopelessly outdated. Our scientists had made only modest advancements in the last few cycles, but one significant jump was an increase in shield strength from level I to level III. A new hull size had been envisioned (Battleship class) but it was still many cycles away from implementation, so it was determined that a 2nd generation of Battle Cruiser would become our ship production facilities' next project. These new ships would still take a significant time to produce and we had no illusions about being able to provide reinforcements to our remaining attack force any time soon, yet a "2nd wave" of better defended ships would serve us better in our advancement o ver the Ithkul as we pushed beyond the Takaras system, or at least, so we thought.

Our remaining sixty-seven ships closed in on Takaras II, hopeful that we would not encounter the same level of resistance that took place at Takaras I. We were not disappointed. While the planet itself was heavily fortified, we were met by only one additional solitary SR Attack TF. Bolstered by our original victory, Sortal, our new field commander, annihilated the vermin’s' ships and then the planet in short order. Takaras was parasite free.

With our impressive victory in Takaras and our new second generation Battle Cruisers in full production back home, Sortal implored the High Council for permission to move on to Moya, where four planets were infested with the Ithkul parasite. His desire was not borne of bloodlust; his desire was to discover what had happened to our Alkari friends, two systems north of Moya. We had abandoned them much earlier and were eager to re-initiate dialogue or perchance to liberate them had they fallen. The logical first and only step was through Moya; it must fall if we were to reach our friends.

The High Council was definitely swayed by Sortal's arguments. Had we not abandoned them earlier, even if for self-preservation? There was no argument or blame being laid; the earlier decision to abort our colony ship mission to the Alkari homeworld in the Laan system was the correct one. Had we continued, it would only have meant the potential death of thousands of Evon citizens. Nonetheless, was the time not right, after our apparent decisive victories over the Ithkul, to see if we can now assist?

Our military commanders were positive and enthusiastic. A new TF of 2nd generation LR Battle Cruisers had just come on-line in Saak, with a second TF soon to follow. Sortal could advance on Moya and begin the assault on the four planets there, and within six or seven cycles (two or three to complete the 2nd TF, four cycles for travel) could be joined by our two new TF's. One more step towards re-establishing contact with our lost friends. This humanitarian angle (all above board, no deceit) was more than enough to convince the High Council that Moya should fall. Eradicate the pestilence. Free our friends. Onward to honour.


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