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The Evon Experience
by Alex Poff

Chapter 2 The Short Tralaifa War

Labon had just entered Lebak’s office as Lebak slammed down his communicator. “That was the High Council. The Tralaifa have declared war on us.” Labon was quite shocked. “Why” he asked? “There was no reason given, just insults and a formal declaration of war,” responded Lebak.

“Update me on our reserve status. I want to know if we can finally teach these gasbags a lesson,” asked Lebak. Labon was able to provide the answer Lebak wanted to hear. It would be absolutely no trouble at all to mobilize an additional ten TF fleet of our newest 3rd generation Superdreadnoughts immediately with more available if required. “Excellent. Dispatch them from Moya to the Tapau system immediately. Have Hektar take command of the fleet, assign a new defense force commander for Moya” ordered Lebak. Labon was in complete agreement. Coilis would remain in Tuscanni with his ten TF fleet tasked with guarding the new system under our control. He was not to attempt an incursion into the Tapau system with a fleet that was comprised predominantly of older-style Dreadnoughts. “We still have one Transport TF in the Tuscanni system, comprised of battleoid attack units” stated Labon. “If we are successful, we can not only crush the Tralaifa in Tapau, but also take the planet from them as well” he mused. “Excellent, once again” smiled Lebak. “In addition, I am going to immediately order the insertion of a crack team of spies and saboteurs to deploy into the halls of the Tralaifa council. They should be able to significantly disrupt their routines and perhaps aid our military maneuvers.” All seemed in order, and with that, Hektar set out from Moya in search of glory.

It really wasn’t much of a challenge, and I believe that Hektar was slightly disappointed. Upon Hektar’s arrival, no additional Tralaifa forces waited to “greet” him other than the original five TF defense fleet reported by Hetat. Our new Superdreadnought IF and CF TF’s crushed this bothersome bunch and Kaytapa’s battleoids made short work of the planetary militia. In fact, the fighter pilots were jokingly teasing our missile gunners about the fact that they hadn’t even gotten the opportunity to get off a single shot, but had greatly enjoyed the fireworks show that was the inferno created by exploding Tralaifa warships in their viewscreens. In a matter of five cycles, the Tapau system had become a part of the Evon Empire and the Tralaifa were screaming for mercy.

Lebak had to bow once again to public pressure. A long war was not what our people wanted and he was well aware of it. Along with some small scientific concessions from the Tralaifa, an armistice was signed bringing peace to our two empires once again. He had good news for Labon, however. His spies had stolen multiple technologies, including Very Heavy Armor, which would once again significantly enhance our warships defensive capabilities. Labon was extremely grateful, and immediately issued the order to develop new 4th generation Superdreadnought warships. Production began immediately, the changeover no longer taking any significant time or having any straining effect on facilities. Labon had over two hundred ships still in reserve and it was quite evident that our military might was becoming quite significant. “Now what will happen next” he pondered?


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