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The Eoladi Experience
by Lennier

Part One

Galactic Cycle 0.0: Our Liberation

The "New Orion's" punishment of the Mrrishans, Darlok, Elerian, Alkari, and Bulrathi had its intended affect on our people; we knew that although they had given us our freedom, we were only free within their parameters. At least until we became even more powerful. Our senators will follow the Elder Race's lead in debates; let one of the other races draw their ire. We will explore the sector and build our power first; the Eoladi will someday rule the galaxy.

Our astronomers have discovered that in the cycles of darkness under Antaran rule, something quite odd has happened to the Orion sector; the stars (when looked at from above the plane they are scattered in) form a circle with a bar across. The several larger groupings make the shape look like the ancient Human "ying-yang" symbol. How (and why) the Antarans rearranged the stars so is a mystery.

Our star system, known as "Aleph," has six planets; our home is the fourth. The first planet is suitable for habitation by our people, has a large wealth of minerals, but has few places good for farming. The fifth planet is also suitable for colonization, is just as rich as the first in minerals, and is somewhat better for farming. The other three planets are not particularly well suited for colonization by Eoladi. Our star system has two warp lanes leaving it; one to the north, the other to the southeast.

The other junior empires in the senate are Sangnnro (Slicoid), Oeautr (Nommo), Pcharao (Klackon), SL-071-CYYL (Meklar), and Equalaaleq (Trilarian). Since our colony ship is warp capable and Orion lies to our north, we will send it along with our scout ship to the southeast, towards the Equalaaleq. We have also heard rumors of other empires out on the rim, including two made up of a frightening new species the "Ithkul" who eat sentient beings. Other rumored empires are a Human, Sakkra, and another Klackon empire.

Power is founded on wealth; we will ask the other empires for trade agreements. Perhaps one day, we can unite to finally claim our full freedom.

Galactic Cycle 10.0: Rescues and Wars

Our diplomats were successful, although not entirely so. The Meklars responded to our offers by imposing trade sanctions, and then war. On the other hand, we were able to parlay our trade pacts with the Equalaaleq and Sangnnro into non-aggression pacts.

In the first system we scouted (Shippan), we found no planets suitable for colonization, but we did find the legendary Loknar! He is willing to help our empire's scientific research and help us develop the weapons to extinguish New Orion power.

The second system we scouted (Kaff) had 3 planets that were just barely habitable and one unsuitable for colonizing. If we don't find another planet suitable for our species, we may have to take one of these.

We've colonized the sixth planet in our system and are about to commission another small starship for reconnaissance. Perhaps the systems to our north have planets better suited to Eoladi colonization.

GC 25.5

Our navy grows slowly; we have added a new reconnaissance cutter and sent it north. We decided to colonize Kaff III as no better prospects existed south before we crossed into Equalaaleq space. The Ponningo system will be between our two empires. To our north, the Enzu system's only planet is suitable for Eoladi. If only we'd known! Further north,

The renowned Aquali Reraquerii joined our High Council, bringing his improved farming methods, unpopular they may be with the masses.

With no combat, our war with the Meklars is considered over by all.

In the Senate, the people of the galaxy proposed a bill outlawing cloning; we doubt it will find much governmental support.


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