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The Eoladi Experience
by Lennier

Part Four

GC 154.5 Toleration

The Emperor was bellowing. "40 cycles to cleanse two planets?!!! And the Harvesters control three planets in the Rhea system and the winds know how many in the Alzirr and Malus systems. We need to conclude this war quickly. At this rate, the other races will be in an unstoppable position."

The Minister of Defense went blue-black with nervousness. "Well, first, our weapons aren't very effective at picking off small groups on planetary surfaces without increasing yields to such an extent that the surface would be uninhabitable. And, as per our agreements, while we command the battle in space, the Oeauatr have command during planetary bombardment. And quite frankly, they've been doing a poor job of it."

"Remind me again why our policy towards the Kimont empire is genocide?"

"My Lord? Are you serious? Both the House of Lords and the People's House would be up in arms if we allowed but a single Ithkul to live within our boarders. You'd be impeached, sire! Especially with the food rationing we've had to institute!!"

"Oh I don't think it's quite that bad Minister Yahleleiib. After all, the Freedom Party has been vociferous in its opinion that genocide of the Ithkul would put us on the same moral plane as the Antarans before 'Liberation.'"

"Sire, the Freedom Party has but five seats in the Commons and it's opinions like those that keep them from having any more. And it wouldn't have that many if weren't for, let us say, the eccentricities of some of our Nommo citizens."

"Doesn't the Kimont propaganda espouse the benefits of joining with an Ithkul? Well, we can say our scientists' examinations of the Xoth IV and Xoth V has shown that there's some truth to the propaganda. Just that they need firm leadership to become productive members of society. And while we're making things up, we may as well say that the previous experiences of an Ithkul can help reform criminals. I think I can sell Lord Harueaay and the Eoladi First Party on the idea by pointing out how suitable the Ithkul are for ground combat and how productive their industry is. Their votes will be enough to prevent any move to impeach."

"Well, we still have the problem of transports. We've been concentrating on producing warships and I don't think we can get more than one corps spaceborn at a time."

"Put a higher priority on transports then! Put the corps in space. The fleet can concentrate on cleansing smaller colonies until the troops arrive. Maybe we'll be lucky and the Oeauatr will stay behind in Xoth."

"As you will it, my Emperor."

Off-Road Vehciles and Other Diversions

GC 160.5 Dragon's Lair
"Sire, the Nebula Seeker has reported on the Davina system. It has three planets, one suitable for colonization by Eoladi, another by Audrieh. Its only warp lane leads to Orion, so we'll have to send our colony ships the long way around."

"Make it so, Minister Maoisya."

GC 163.5
It only took us three cycles without Oeauatr "help" to glass Rhea III. And only one to conquer Rhea I.

GC 178.5
We moved onto the Kimot system of Alzirr, but they slipped a flotilla in behind our forces and bombard Rhea I four times. Seems like they're as incompetent at bombing as the Oeauatr. Still, we may not be able to keep it as a colony.

GC 180.0
"Ahh, Minister Maoisya, what do you have for me today?"

"Sire, Wind of the Stars has finished "jumping the gap" and has reported in. The good news is that all crew members were successfully awakened from hibernation."

"And by that, I can assume that there's bad news."

"Yes sire; the Wolf system has seven planets that have colonies of another species that live in gas supergiants. It looks like expansion in that direction may be impossible. We'll keep Wind of the Stars moving clockwise down starlanes and exploring, but this Saiear empire won't establish diplomatic relations with a reconnaissance vessel. If we wish to trade with them, we'll have to find and open planet within two jumps of them."

"Well, the news could have been worse. The Saiearans could have opened fire on Wind of the Stars ."

"Indeed, sire. And Minister Yahleleiib tells me that we've conquered Alzirr III."

"Hrrmph. I was going to announce that next week. It's time for Yahleleiib to retire if he can't keep his orifice closed."

GC 184.5 The Battle of Alzirr III

"Commodore, we've identified 12 Kimot ships formed up into 3 task forces. Looks like they're throwing the kitchen sink at us."

"Well Sieuart, as much as I'd love seeing the newest 'citizens' of the Empire killed by their former government, we have a duty to the Emperor." Commodore Jouluoiicaed pressed the intercom button. "Captain Jaoison!"

"Jaoison here, sir."

"The Kimot don't seem to have seen us. Maneuver the squadron behind the large moon; we'll ambush them from there."

"Aye, aye, sir."

"Sir, they've seen us. Missile separation and fighter launch detected."

"Squadron PD priority to the fighters; we've got more of them to worry about." The ship shook as the first missiles struck. Beams of death went out from the four ships of the squadron; where they touched an object, an Ithkul died.

"Coming in range of the first Kimot TF."

"All ships, fire at will!"

The first two Harvester ships died, a colony ship which had no business in the fight and her ill-equipped escort. The next TF in line for Jouluoiicaed's rage was the two missile boats whose stings were ignored by the Eoladi. But those stings weren't impotent. Shields failed, armor was penetrated, spacers died.

"Guns, I want those fighters out of my space!"

The two missile ships ceased to annoy the long range squadron as they exploded in silent nuclear holocaust.

The Eolodi gunners finished completing their Commodore's order. By the time of that, the carriers were in point blank range. But with no missile or fighters to target, the Ithkul PD gunners went for bigger prey. But a pair of spinal mounts beats four PDs every time.

"How bad is it?" Jouluoiicaed asked before the dust of the former Kimot ships stopped glowing.

"We've lost Eye of the Planet II , light damage on Emperor Lennieroi I and Protector of the Winds , heavy damage on Lee ."

"Get the damage crews working. Reinforcements are still over a cycle away. Lets hope Vice Admiral Kiokehaiuer has success in breaking Malus."


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