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The Eoladi Experience
by Lennier

Part Five

The State of the Empire

GC 189.0
".This just in; reports coming in say an imperial transport carrying Imperial Advisor Urekasst Sararar blew up shortly after takeoff. No survivors were reported. ."

GC 199.5-The Second Century
"The state of the Empire is Strong. [pause for applause] Our scientists are successful; only the New Orions and our friends Equalaaleq our more advanced than us. [pause for applause] We have expanded our influence by more than doubling the number of planets under our control and adding new species to our diversity. [pause for applause from Freedom Party and Eoladi First Party MPs; Traditional Values MPs sit silently] Our alliances are paying off with research trades that strengthen our society. Much work has yet to be done. We have not yet finished completing the regime change in the Kimot empire. The Meklars pose a threat. But with hard work and dedication, we can unite and achieve our rightful place in the galaxy. [resounding applause.]"

"Thus concludes the "State of the Empire" speech by Emperor Lennieroi III. As we look back on the last 100 cycles of history, we can see our relative strength increasing. The latest Senate census (taken in conjunction of the elections of 197) still ranks SL-071-CYYL as the most powerful empire in the Senate, with 28 planets with a total population of 787 million and a technology level slightly behind ours. Three empires out on the rim are rumored to be more powerful. Our empire is the next most powerful empire with 31 planets and population of 621 million. The Pcharao are next, with 30 planets, a level of technology equal to SL-071-CYYL's, and a population of 560 million. Next in power is Sangnnro with 37 planets, a technology slightly behind SL-071-CYYL's, and a population of 420 million. The Equalaaleq are the next most powerful, with 23 planets, a slightly more advanced technology than us, and a population of 537 million. The next most powerful we know about is the Pama Empire (founded by Humans), with 18 planets and a population of 331 million. Just behind them is the Oeauatr with 22 planets, a technology similar to SL-071-CYYL's, and 309 million citizens The mighty New Orions have fallen to this spot in the census (although I wouldn't cross them): 6 planets, a population of 148 million, and a technological progress that has stagnated. The hated Ithkul empire of Kimont is the weakest with only 6 planets under its control, a technology lagging behind the rest of the galaxy, and only 22 million citizens.

"We are at war with SL-071-CYYL and Kimont. The Meklars have not fired a shot at Eoladi ships, but we are slowly digesting Kimont planets. We have non-aggression pacts with NAPs with Pcharao and Sangnnro; and a defensive alliance with Oeauatr and a full alliance with Equalaaleq."

Wars and Rumors of Wars

GC210.0 In space above Malus II
"Sir, Lieutenant General Sohuaitekoof reports that Malus II has been secured."

Admiral Kiokehaiuer was pleased. He had sacrificed much in the service of his emperor, and now with the conquest of the last Kimot planet he could return home to Enzu and a well-earned retirement. "Commodore Pioaet, have Task Forces Eant and Bioombeig prepare to accompany the transports into third space."

"Aye, aye, sir."

"Commander Wiaeriuer, get me Rear Admiral Baotiett."

"Aye, aye, sir. I have her on screen now."

"A glorious day, Admiral Kiokehaiuer!"

"Indeed. Don't let your crews get drunk for too long; you're all that's going to be left to defend this system in a few hours. By order of His Imperial Majesty Lennieroi III, I hereby pass military command of the Malus system to Rear Admiral Baotiett effective when we depart the system. Don't let the humans annoy you too much."

"Don't worry; I'm sure even those psychotics can see we must join together to fight the Meklar meance."

"I'm too old to worry about things I can't affect. Kiokehaiuer out."

With the last of his war-related duties attended to, Kiokehaiuer's last duty would be to train the next generation of officers. Turning to his flag lieutenant, he said "Well, Maokeusi, what do you think of our orders to enter third space?"

"Since it would take 12 cycles for our ships to reach the Shira system through hyper-space and equally long to reach The Node in third space, it does make sense. In the time it would take us to reach Shira, our ships will be available virtually anywhere they would be needed in the empire. The only downside is that if the humans do decide to attack Malus, we won't be able to do anything about it until we reach The Node. But that's an unlikely event."

"So remind me of what they're teaching about third space at the Academy these days."

Lieutenant J.G. Maokeusi pondered this for a few moments before responding. "Third space is an artificial form of hyper-space. It can allow for very quick movement between our mobilization centers via The Node at the center of the 'bubble.' Our reserves of ships are kept at The Node to allow timely responses to threats anywhere in the Empire."

"And why, even with is this wonder of modern transportation, is this fleet going to be unavailable for 12 cycles."

"Sir, when we transit to third space we will be at the edge of the 'bubble,' and it will take us approximately 12 cycles to reach The Node."

"Why wasn't Earl Fianoeierm's proposal to raid Kimot reserves in third space ever taken seriously."

"Well, he's a complete idiot with no military, scientific, or engineering training."

"I remind you, Lieutenant, that you're talking about a peer of the realm. And that idiots sometimes accidentally discover workable plans."

"Sir, we would first have to get the exact Haukiog parameters for their bubble. Even now, when we've conquered their empire, we don't have that information. We never captured one of their mob centers intact and no Ithkul we've interrogated has knowledge either. Plus, even if we had that information, built ships with drives specially tuned to enter Kimot third-space, they'd have cycles of warning to ready their entire reserves before our ships got to their Node. And we wouldn't be able to return these ships to our reserves unless we built a second warp-drive tuned to our third-space taking up room for valuable weaponry."

"Well, it's nice to know that they're still teaching something at the Academy."

GC 214.5 Theta Lyr Space Control
Captain Haeeiugton, Imperial Space Control, was startled out of her sleep by the blaring of sirens. She slapped the cutoff switch and activated her screen. "Control, this is Haeeiugton. What's going on out there?"

"Ma'am, an armada just appeared from the warp lane to Orion. Sensors confirm that they are of New Orion design. They've refused to answer our hails."

"Are they moving to attack?" Haeeiugton knew that the system ships, even with ground base back-up, wouldn't last one salvo in battle against that much firepower.

"No Ma'am; they seem to be scanning the system and slowly moving to the warp lane entrance to Saak."

"Alert the Viceroy; I'll let him pass the bad news up the chain-of-command."
"Emperor! The New Orions have responded to the Sangnnaro's declaration of war! An armada has been spotted in the Theta Lyr system!"

"Have they attacked us ?"

"No sire. But if the Sangnnaro are their objective, they will have to travel through almost our entire empire, through the Equalaaleq empire, and then through Fieras to get to them."

"Hmmm. Maybe there's a way to turn this to our advantage. Have our diplomats make demands for planets in the Vaht system.."

GC 216.0
"Heading the news tonight are two announcements from the Ministry of Exploration. The first is that our glorious empire has launched an exploration expedition of 36 ships to discover the secrets of the ancient Antarans. The second is that they have launched a fleet to destroy the Guardian of the Fieras system to open its planets for colonization."

GC 219.0 In the Fieras System
"I need those missiles in space!" The robotic ship fired again. The powerful energies were to much for shields, armor, and Eoladi. Another three ships exploded under the emotionless pounding.

"Missile volley away!" The last sixteen of the merculite-armed missiles streaked towards the wounded beast. In a last ditch attempt to obey its orders, the Guardian fired at the darts headed towards it. One, then another, and then another were destroyed. But it was to little. The thirteen survivors maneuvered to striking distance and exploded as one. To the crews that had been battling the behemoth, it seemed as though the robot put out a final, painful scream as it turned over before being destroyed in a powerful explosion.

"Damage report!"

"Sir, 22 ships were destroyed, mostly in the long-range armada Bulrathi . The rest of the long-range ships took heavy damage. The carrier wave Alkari took light damage. No damage to the missile armada Darlok ."

"And what have we bought for that much blood?"

"Sir, there are three planets in the system. Two are suitable for colonization by plants, but none are particularly comfortable for either Fish or Eoladi."

"Too bad there aren't any Audrieh in the colony ships due next cycle. I hope the Emperor feels the price was right for this system."

"Sir, I'm picking up some strange readings from the first planet."
The artifact was well-hidden. If its transmitter hadn't started to broadcast, no one would have ever found it. It took ten hours of digging to pull it from the ground.

"Well, this is interesting. I do believe the Ministry of Exploration is looking for these artifacts. Transmit our findings back to Aleph-IV. Pack it up and put it on one of the surviving long-range ships before they enter third space. Our scientists will take a few cycles to unravel this mystery; but I have a feeling it will forever alter our understanding of our place in the universe."

GC 235.5
"I'm sorry ambassador, but our Empire could never re-establish the non-aggression pact as long as the Vaht system remains in your hands. Our people have learned of the Alkari living there and feel the Alkari are ill-served by being lead by a race of rocks. The Alkari fly through the air; we float! The Alkari and Eoladi races are natural companions!"

GC 241.5
"Now that we have liberated the Vaht system, we have other pressing matters. We will agree to no further attacks on the Sangnnro Empire, if you will refrain from attacking or blockading our systems."

GC 244.5
"The Sangnnro council agrees to your terms. Let our misunderstandings be a thing of the past."


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