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The Eoladi Experience
by Lennier

Part Seven

Sneaky, Sneaky

GC 333.0 Personal diary of Emperor Lennieroi IV
Our conquests in the Sukra system have enabled us to make contact with another empire of Klackons calling itself Warotza. They have been cut off from the rest of the sector by the Guardian at Nazin. Perhaps we can become friends with them.

Our on-again-off-again war with SL-071-CYYL has been off, but our human friends want us to declare war on the mechs. What can it hurt? The machines will eventually get around to declaring war on us again.

We have landed troops on the last Pcharao planet in the Pi Auriga system. When the conquest is complete I will order the fleet to hold at Mystreena. We will form another fleet at Malus, send it through Pama's territory, and attack SL-071-CYYL. Our conquest of the San-Vaxazra-Ithkul's southern empire is proceeding smoothly. After securing the Sukra system, we will move to the Kled system. Once that is secure, we will destroy the Guardian at Nazin and colonize the planets in that system before moving the Southern Fleet to Ubboth and the wormhole to San-Vaxazra's northern empire.

GC 336.0 Werexzata City, Tefnut I
The being once known as Akoeteetik, the Plankton Stealer, and now the symbiont known as "Foxtrot," moved down the corridor. Sounds of the Ithkul Celebration of the Joining going on in the streets were damped, but not eliminated by the walls. Although he had felt the Need, Foxtrot was still disgusted in the barbarism of the San-Vaxazra. They still preferred to join with unwilling hosts and kept descendants of unwilling sentients to use for these celebrations. The Kimnot Ithkul were a far superior race. The benevolent leadership of the Lennieradi had raised them to new heights. But no matter. Foxtrot had a mission to complete. Months of work had paid off, and he had hacked into a top-secret San-Vaxazra network and downloaded classified data. Foxtrot opened the door on his right, slipped into the room, and closed the door. The last step in this mission was to use the San-Vaxazra Empire's own hyperspace communications network to transmit the information back to headquarters, and everything was going as planned tonight.
Imperial capital, Aleph IV
"Well, I see that Foxtrot finally did something useful. This information on 'Uridium Fuel Cells' should significantly increase the tactical speed of our ships.

A Monkey Knife-Fight Breaks Out

GC 340.5
Emperor Lennieroi IV was blue with anger. "The Sangnnro I almost understand, but the Oeauatr Empire declaring war on us? We've been allies since my grandfather's time! What could possibly be going on in their water-logged minds?"

Foreign Minister Kieeiuger had to restrain herself from treating the leader of the most powerful empire in the sector as an errant schoolboy. "Sire, the SL-071-CYYL empire had defensive alliances with both the Oeauatr and the Sangnnro. Apparently both empires agreed to fulfill their obligations to the machines. Perhaps if we ask the Equalaaleq to declare war on the mechs, they will ask the Oeauatr to fulfill their obligations under their military alliance and declare war on the SL-07-CYYL Empire. Then I think we have a good shot of repairing our relations with the Oeauatr. Especially if it becomes clear to them that they cannot resist our military."

"Except that we also have the Sangnnro and the San-Vaxazra to deal with."

"Well, then, sire, we must also ask our allies to declare war on the Sangnnro. If the Equalaaleq can keep the Sangnnro occupied, we can take care of the Oeauatr without letting up the pressure on San-Vaxazra."

"Fine, Kieeiuger, make the appropriate requests. Ruwafeit, how bad is it?"

The minister of defense gave his report without emotion. "The Oeauatr forces were wiped out in Mystreena. The rocks refused to attack Ursa, but there will have to be food rationing in that system if they don't move off. The biggest problem right now is Xoth. A combined Oeauatr-Sangnnro fleet destroyed our piracy patrol and then bombarded Xoth V. If we don't get a fleet there stat, they could move on and hit Shira. Two armadas should do it. The bigger problem is how effective the rock ships traveling down our warplanes will be against our system defenses."

"OK. Start invading Oeauatr worlds in Mystreena and Xoth. We'll see what Sangnnro is up to before deploying reserves in that area."

GC 343.5
"Emperor Lennieroi, sign here and here , and we will be at peace with the Oeauatr Empire." Minister Kieeiuger pointed to two places on the document.

"And what of our armies on Mystreena VI?"

"The agreement only covers our forces in space. We won't be able to reinforce them, but the status of Mystreena VI in this treaty is unclear. While the planet may be a sticking point in our negotiations for a non-aggression pact, there is no provision for jointly governing a colony."

"Ruwafeit, tell General Sohuuartekoof to get the lead out and finish the campaign."

GC 345.0
Personal Diary of Emperor Lennieroi IV

General Sohuuartekoof finally secured Mystreena VI, 6 cycles after we offered to make peace with them. When the Pama ambassador heard of the situation, he suggested that we rename Mystreena VI to "New Orleans." He had an odd look on his face (I know, those humans are inscrutable, all the looks on their faces are odd), when he made the suggestion. Said something about honoring human history. As a gesture of good will, I ordered the renaming.

GC 355.5
At Nazin
" By order of the New Orion Senate, the Nazin system is under interdict. Leave immediately or be destroyed. This is your final warning. "

"Launch all missiles and fighters!"

30 seconds later, it was all over.

"Sir, the 'Guardian' never even got a weapons lock on us. The only casualties were the dozen fighters its point defense managed to get."

"Sir, the planet below is the only one in the system. Our sensors show that surface conditions are ideal for Klackons."
At the Imperial House.
"OK, accept the Armistice with Sangnnro and cease-fire with Pcharao. Concentrate on getting a fleet ready to attack the mechs."

GC 363.0
Personal diary of Emperor Lennieroi IV
.Our campaign against the Meklars has gone surprisingly well. These planets formerly in the Pama empire will celebrate their liberation..and our conquests in the northern portion of the San-Vaxazra empire have finally allowed us contact with the Seiar empire.

Monkey Knife Fight, Part II

GC 367.5
"Pcharao, Sangnnro, and Warotza all declare war on us during the same cycle!?"

"Well, sire, the Sangnnro did accept our non-aggression pact last month. One of the shortest lived non-aggression pacts in history. But the Equalaaleq seem to be keeping them busy. The big question is what's Warotza going to do. They've had over 350 cycles to build up their reserves without opposition."

"We'll continue to build up our reserves and see what they throw at Nazin."

CG 370.5
Lennieradi House of Lords, Defense Committee Hearing
"Lord Roiheohiid, I resent your implication that Admiral Neieon was incompetent. The fact of the matter is that our defeat at Nazin I was because our forces were outnumbered almost 2 to 1 and that many of our ships were better suited to a museum than a battlefield."

"Never the less, High Admiral Maiiheus, the battle of Nazin was the worst defeat in our history, allowed Warotza to annihilate our colony on Nazin I, and has opened up our territories in the former San-Vaxazra empire to invasion."

"Lord Roiheohiid, if Warotza forces move on to Sukra before we can build enough ships to stop them, I can redirect our fleet in San-Vaxazra space to intercept before a significant amount of damage is done."


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