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The Eoladi Experience
by Lennier

Part Six


GC 253.5
The Intelligence Director was positively beaming at the end of his report. ". and I am proud to say that our operatives in the SL-071-CYYL Empire have obtained the secret of impulse drive technology."

Emperor Lennieroi III's once jet-black skin was now a mottled grey, but age hadn't quenched the fire in his soul. "Director Teuet, I looked over the specs on that technology, and it is already obsolete. Had your operatives obtained it 100 cycles ago, or even 50, we could have made use of it. But our scientists have developed ion technology for our warp drives, and our engines are significantly faster. Tell your operatives to find some technology that we can actually use and steal that.

"And onto other business: I am ordering the Ministry of Exploration to launch another armada to look into the mystery of what happened to the Antarans."

GC 261.0 Ursa III
" By order of the New Orion Senate, the Ursa system is under interdict. Leave immediately or be destroyed. This is your final warning. "

"Yeah, right." muttered Admiral Frosetiuo. "Launch all missiles and fighters. I want them ready to attack when we get sensor contact." The fleet didn't have long to wait. The mechanical death machine closed on the fleet with incredible speed. But the Antaran robot was no match for the pack of wolves at its heels. The missiles and fighters first overwhelmed its point defenses, then collapsed the shields, and then started to hit its inter vitals. In moments, the behemoth's reactor went critical and the enforcer of New Orion will was no more.

"What's our status?"

"No damage to indirect fire and carrier task forces; mostly minor damage to the long-range attack armada Eoloadi Spear . One recon destroyer was lost."

"Sir, there are six planets in this system, some of them quite suitable for the races in our empire."

"Good; start making landing assignments for the colony ships due in next cycle."

GC 262.5
"Good news, sire. By the laws of the Orion Senate, you will be a candidate for President in this election."

"Yes, very well; but I still don't have a chance of defeating the New Orions, even if we could unite all the other races."

GC 265.5
"Sire, our colonies in Ursa report that they are now in contact with another Ithkul empire, the San-Vaxazra."

"If they're anything like the Kimot empire, and the Sangnnro reports say they are, we'll be at war with them shortly. Start preparing our troops for invasion."

GC 295.5
Emperor Lennieroi IV had inherited his father's temper. "The Equalaaleq did what ?"

"Sire, they declared war on the New Orions. The New Orion fleet passing through Kaff closed in on the Equalaaleq system capital at Kaff II. Our system commander ordered her two ships to help defend the planet. The New Orion fighters obliterated all defenders in the system who didn't run. They then systematically killed every sentient being on Kaff II. The Equalaaleq have not yet asked us to declare war on the New Orions."

"The fools. Well, we still have a mobilization center in the Kaff system. Perhaps we could colonize Kaff II?"

"Yes, sire, I do believe we have some Nommo who would like a new home."

GC 297.0
The Equalaaleq ambassador was in a stately mood for the meeting. "Your highness, our peoples have been allies almost since our liberation from the Antarans. Our destinies are to rule the galaxy together. I call upon our common heritage and ask that you declare war on our hated enemy, the Pcharao."

The Emperor was caught a bit off guard. Although they had been lobbying for a Lennieradi war against the Pcharao, all indications were that the Equalaaleq ambassador would be asking for war against the New Orions. "Well, you've been asking that of us for quite a few cycles. I think that we are now ready to proceed against the Pchararo. We will grant you this request."

GC 300.0 Personal diary of Emperor Lennieroi IV
We celebrated 300 cycles of independence today. Our people should be very happy. The latest Senate census ranks us as the most powerful empire in the galaxy with 57 planets under our control and 2.1 billion citizens. Our initial move in the war with the Pcharao have gone well. We should be able to conquer their planet in the Mystreena system without much trouble. After that the tactical situation gets a bit murkier. Should we then attack the Pi Auriga system that would be behind our lines, but defended by over 200 ships, or should we take the route to Indelibus system (one of the longest warp lanes in the galaxy), or should we simply hold the Mystreena system and press our efforts against San-Vaxazra? Our strategists are lobbying for the last option because San-Vaxazra is the more powerful enemy.

Of the races we have contact with, the San-Vaxazra are the most powerful, controlling 45 planets and 1.6 billion monsters. The next most powerful are the SL-071-CYYL with 45 planets and 1.6 billion citizens. They decided to be our enemy from liberation, even though we have never exchanged weapons fire. Next in line are the rock-like Sangnnro, who seem to have forgiven us our grab of the Vaht system, with 45 planets and 1.0 billion citizens. Below them are Pcharao with 30 planets and 1.1 billion citizens. The next most powerful are our allies, the Equalaaleq, with 23 planets and 960 million citizens. After them are our other ally, the Oeauatr, with 22 planets and 740 million citizens. The census buries the New Orions with 6 planets and 600 million citizens behind the Oeauatr, but they are still a potent military force. The least powerful empire is the human Pama empire, with 16 planets and 370 million citizens.

Our technological prowess has impressed the other younger races. We still are far behind the New Orions in our scientific achievements, but only the Equalaaleq match us in science. We have a significant technological lead on all of our enemies, and most of our friends.

The diplomatic situation is getting precarious. The machines have made alliances with the rocks, who have a full alliance with our defensive ally, the Oeauatr.

Our economy is rolling along. We have been able to fight our wars on a limited-war economy. Our low empire taxes of 7% have generated revenues of over 72,000 AU in our last 1.5-cycle budget year; during the same time, inter-empire trade generated over 55,000 AU in income for the government. Unless the whole galaxy unites to stop us within the next 100 cycles, I foresee our domination of the galaxy to be inevitable.

GC 325.5
"Sire, the first of our expeditions has transmitted information regarding the artifact they found. It appears that we now have the information necessary to incorporate Antaran genetic manipulation into our society. I estimate that it will take 24 cycles for us to make this knowledge part of our society."

GC 328.5
"Sire, the 'Hold Mystreena' strategy seems to have paid off. We easily repulsed Pcharao attacks on Mystreena, and now Pi Auriga is only defended by 15 system ships. We have an opportunity to now take out that system and strengthen our position."

"Make it so, Grand Admiral."


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