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The Eoladi Experience
by Lennier

Part Eight

The Lennieradi Strike Back

GC 376.5 Sukra III, aboard the Admiral Neieon
".and to summarize, we will keep station close to the planet and let the bug forces close on us. Our mutual point defense should take care of their missiles and fighters and the planetary bases should attrit their direct fire armadas enough for our DF ships to take care of them. Get your fleets to battle stations; the Warozta fleet is due here in under 30 minuets."
"Launch missiles and fighters; all ships maintain station."

Missiles streaked towards the invaders, followed closely by fighters with their pilots seeking revenge for the battle of Nazin I. Then one small group of Lennieradi ships broke formation.

"Lieutenant, get me Grand Ithkulman NOW!"

"Sir, I have Commodore San-Vaxleni."

"Commodore, get your system ships back in formation!"

"We will die for our emperor and gain perfect union! Onward to death and symbiosis!"

The Warozta missiles locked in on the ships designed for police duty, not the line of battle. In moments they were destroyed. But the missiles that impacted did not harm more important targets. Then the fighters were amongst the larger ships. The Lennieradi fighters pounded ship after ship into dust. The Warozta fighters were like gnats, pestering one armada after another until driven away by the swatting of lightning field generators.

The Warozta direct fire armadas didn't even make it into range. Then it was the indirect fire and carrier armadas' turn.

"Sir, the surviving Warozta ships have jumped out. We destroyed six long-ranged and one indirect-fire armadas with a total of 252 ships. Our losses are the 8 system ships and 30 starships. I'd take that trade any day."

"Unless you had to write their families."

GC 392.5 Lennieradi Strategic Assessment
We have several options in light of Sangnnro declaration of war. If they do not begin active operations against us, we an ignore them. Our recommendations for fleet deployments are as follows:

1) Reinforce First Fleet at Cutcher to 10 armada-sized task forces and then attack the Yorgrar and SL-071-CYYL at Preacipua to the southwest.

2) Maintain Second Fleet's defensive posture at Mystreena, only replacing losses from Pcharao raids.

3) Keep the bulk of Third Fleet at Vaht in a defensive posture; deploy one armada at Ursa. If production and losses allow add another armada at a future date.

4) Have Fourth Fleet finish conquest of San-Vaxazra.

  1. If Sangnnro hasn't made peace by then, have the fleet destroy the Guardian at Altair and attack the Sangnnro system of Samenia and beyond.
  2. If Sangnnro has mad peace by then, have the fleet destroy the Guardian at Altair and split half the fleet to Fifth Fleet to start offensive operations against Warozta.
5) As alluded to before, have Fifth Fleet
  1. maintain a defensive posture at Nazin I in the "no peace with Sangnnro" case.
  2. wait for reinforcements from Fourth Fleet and start offensive operations against Warozta.

GC 393.0 Aboard Fleet Seeker
"Another day, another system. Helmsman, exit the warp lane."

"Aye, aye, ma'am."

Fleet Seeker and her sister ship Far Sight popped into existence near an unassuming yellow-white dwarf.

"Ma'am, there are six planets in this system; the second and sixth are suitable for colonization by Eoladi. Wait' I'm getting some unusual readings from the sixth planet. I'm getting indications that there are already Eoladi there."

"Lost brothers from before the dark age? If we can get them to join our empire, we could use it as a base to colonize this branch of the sector."

GC 396.0
"And in politics tonight, the New Orion empire retained its control over the New Orion Senate in the closest election on record. Our empire received 43% of the vote."

GC 400.5 Executive Summary for Emperor Lennieroi V
Political summary:
Our wars with Warozta, SL-071-CYYL, San-Vaxazra, Pcharao, and Yorgrar continue and are progressing in our favor. The New Orions continue to ignore us. We have not established a positive relationship with the Sangnnro Empire. We can count on the Seiar, Pama, and Oeauatr Empires to help us defend ourselves, and our military alliance with Equalaaleq is as strong as ever.
We doubt that we can repair our relationship with Sangnnro due to their defensive alliance with SL-071- CYYL.
We are still concerned about maintaining our alliance with the Oeauatr; they also have a defensive alliance with SL-071-CYYL.

The latest Senate census places our empire as the most powerful in the sector, with 118 planets, a technology behind only the Seiar and New Orions, and 7.5 billion citizens.
Our enemy the Yorgrar are the next most powerful with 47 planets, a technology slightly behind ours, and 3.5 billion citizens.
Our friends the Seiar have 45 planets, a technology slightly ahead of ours, and 3.4 billion citizens.
The Sangnnro have 42 planets, a technology significantly behind ours, and 1.5 billion citizens.
The Warozta have 29 planets, a technology slightly behind the Sangnnro, and 1.4 billion citizens.
Our good friends the Equalaaleq have 21 planets, a technology about equal to ours, and 1.4 billion citizens.
The incompetent Pcharao control 25 planets, have a technology that lags behind the Warotza, and have 1.3 billion citizens.
Our ancient enemy SL-071-CYYL has 24 planets, a technology about equal to Sangnnro, and 1.6 billion citizens.
Our friends the Oeauatr control 20 planets, a technology slightly behind Yorgrar, and 1.2 billion citizens.
The hated New Orions have 6 planets, the most advanced technology in the sector 39, and 670 million citizens.
Our pathetic friends Pama control but 10 planets, have the most backward technology in the sector, and have 325 million citizens.
The hated San-Vaxazra have only 2 planets left in their crumbling empire, a technology on par with Warotza, and 50 million citizens.

GC 411.0 Lennieradi Strategic Assessment
Our basic strategic assessment remains unchanged, with two exceptions:

1) After Fourth Fleet redeploys to Tefnut to prepare to destroy the Guardian at Altair, it should and attack the Sangnnro system of Samenia and beyond.

2) Fifth Fleet should be given limited reinforcements from the reserves so it can begin offensive operations against Warozta.

GC 421.5 Surface of Shih II
Hirul'ikuthul liked the sound the Warotza militiamen made when his Assault Blaster hit them. It was similar to the memories of his host's joy at killing. Of course, his host didn't have the sanction of the State and was sentenced to being "re-educated" by an Ithkul. Several Klackon came into view and scrambled towards a ground car. Hirul brought up the cursor in his battle suite and targeted the unarmored figures with minimum power and drilled each of the enemy squarely in the Thorax.

"Pop." "Pop." "Pop." Such nice sounds.

Hirul's entertainment was interrupted by a radio transmission from Seargent Mumir'thukul. "Ikuthul, this area's secure . We're supposed to be minimizing collateral damage; that means DON'T shoot every civilian you see. Go down there and at least see if those boxes they were carrying had anything valuable."
"Your magnificence, the data we recovered from Shih II will help us re-engineer our society along the lines of the ancient Antarans. We should see a significant decrease in bureaucratic overhead on our industries, and we should be able to more easily detect spies amongst us."


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