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The Romilian Battles

Part Five

Insert from captured Antaran Log 505GC to 510GC

Our attempt to weaken the Romilian Empire has drawn notice. They have finally taken action and we are realizing our worst fear. We were unable to slow their growth in both planets and technology. We were surpised to see a barbaric race as theirs to locate four Antaran secrets. Despite our spies best efforts we have been unable to steal what is rightfully ours. Our Great Crimson Fleet from comprised of our best remaining Antaran ships will not be able to turn the tides of battle. Our spies inform us that their ships now possess enough technology to even out the battle against our Crimson Fleet. Simulation report that we have only a 47% chance of victory. A scan has also confirmed that they have completely surrounded Orion and all ships are being destroyed on sight. Their ECM V is sufficent enough to block any outwardly communication we could send. Still we are Antaran and we will prevail against the Orion Barbarians.

The Battle at Orion went against us. We lost 1/4 of the Crimson fleet as well as our defensive force. They have resorted to purging the planet of life. We will regroup and prepare to defend the four remaining worlds.

Our forces once again have suffered a defeat and Orion III has been eradicated. We will get our revenge for these infraction against our glorious race. Already the New Orion Council has ordered all our best ships to the front of the line. Despite the Overwhelming force that we are our simulation gives us only a 50% chance of victory. Obviously the simulations were in error. We are after all Antaran...

The unthinkable has happened. Yet another loss of both our glorious fleet and planet. Our reserves are almost spent and the Crimson Fleet is down to one lone Armada. Our fate is sealed. We now have but 200 ships against their 800.

With our defeat the Romilians will be the main power in the Orion Sector. Our simulations have showed that they will be able to advance quickly. Our prior analysis showed that the Antaran Hegemony will take many more cycles to recover from the blow the Harvesters project has struck. All are concerned that we will not be ready for the coming invasion from the Mizara. They do not realize that the Mizara have >>>>>>>>>>......................


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