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The Romilian Battles

Part Two

GC 154- 176 The Second Romilian/ Nommo war

On GC 154 the Nommo renewed their efforts to dominate us. They came with hundreds of ships, but we were prepared. Our new Battle Criuisers were ready to fight. The battle basically continued in the Rigel system. After Several attacks from 100+ fleets our defenses crumbled in the Rigel System. Once again we had to relive the the horror of witnessing millions exterminated on the planet. Several cycles later the Nommo would witness a similar fate. During this time we were forced to cut our expansion program slightly in order to maintain the constant drain on our reserve fleets. by GC 167 the Raas started a major population explosion, despite our best efforts we were unable to match them and they quickly exceeded us. This continued well past the end of our 2nd war with the Nommo.

GC- 186 - 202 The Raas/Nommo war
GC- 194 - 343 The Third Romilian/Nommo War

By GC 186 the Raas had far outstripped all other races. Despite only holding their own against the Tachidi they had expanded in all other directions. They decided to tackle the weakened Nommo to acheive more power. The weakened Nommo proved no match and they quickly lost worlds, foolishly they decided to resume their war with us. The Nommo were unable to withstand the combined forces of the Raas and the Romilians. By 202 the Raas had destroyed all the Nommo planets in range. Thus ending their war. The Raas were not finished their however they had grown to 188 planets by GC 200 and by GC 213 they had finally overpowered the Tachidi and strated a Glass all planets campaign. Obviously they had mastered the Glass planets technique they used on the Nommo...
Despite being over 50 planets smaller than the Raas we too had made some breakthroughs. Our new Battlestar Class Battleships had begun being churned out on all productive worlds. The new Merculite Light Chasis missiles and improved weapons and shields were just to much for Erionerli's Empire. From GC 226 to 269 the Nommo suffered loss after loss. Their endless fleet reputation ended and they continued to lose planet after planet. Our victories however were not going unnoticed. Around GC 246 we claimed the title of largest in the galaxy, mainly due to the Raas running out of room to expand. After this point the Diplomatic relations turned for the worse. On GC 264 the Tachidi had decided to turn their attention on the Wolf System we had won so long ago. Danar Morgan had already forseen this event and had garrisoned a huge defense fleet. The route was without casualties. The Raas had already resented us for surpassing their glories empire and they despised our sucess with the Tachidi, within 4 GC we were at war with the Raas. Danar Morgan had been analizing the Raas empire for weaknesses. Despite their size they were still having a coslty battle with the Tachidi. It was decided that we would attack now and at a point where they least expected it, the same point as the Raas had attacked the Nommo. Two of the best forces of 180 were assembled. The battlestar battleships would have to once again prove themselves in battle. They would be assisted by the new wonders. The Wolf Dreadnoughts, that incorporated all the newest technology and were being built secretly for this occassion. This would make the perfect test for them. They jumped into the soolain system and immediately attacked. The Raas defenses were quickly overrun and victory was ours. Time and time again the fleets proved their power. After several embarassing defeats, the Raas rarely engaged the forces despite sending 180 ships per defense to defend. By GC 296 we had pushed them back to Beti Scuti. The capture of a key production planet there caused them to of fer a conditional surrender. We had pushed enough for now so we accepted. It was determined that Beti Scuti would make an excellant striking point if need be in the future. The loss of 20 planets would hurt the Raas and the addition of the ones captured and those we would colonize would make a great addition to our Empire. Thus ending the Romilian/Raas war on GC 296.

The Tachidi had lost interest in us from time to time and we ignored them most of the time also with our focus turned to the Raas and then back to the Nommo. BY GC 343 the Nommo empire was in shambles. Their once powerful empire had fallen from 81 worlds to 29 and they had been pushed back beyond their homeworld on Ishir which was conquered around GC 300. Now that we were at peace with the other warlike races we decided to use our large empire to build up our defense for the next assault. Thus was created the Larger Battle Points (PD), Battle Recons, Dragon Class SuperDreadnoughts and the Werewolf Class Titans. The Wolf Class Dreadnought became the ship of choice and the Battlestar classes were finally Decomissioned. All remaining Battlestars would be used for Defense only and their would be no more new ones built on any worlds.

By GC 350 we had grown in both planet size and fleet strength, the Tachidi decided to once again test us. Our new fleet was dispatched to Twycross and quickly glassed the 5 poor worlds and caputred the one large one. The fleet now moved to the Tachidi Homeworld. On GC 357 their homeworld and a choice world was added to our empire. This would at least preserve some of the Tachidi since they are now down to 8 planets and 5 are on the brink of being destroyed by the Raas. The Raas however would not appreciate our conquest and the fact that the Tachidi building machines were in our control. They sent 360 ships to the Tachidi Homeworld in order to glass the homeworld of the Tachidi. Despite the bugs being enemies we had accepted their planets into our empire. We will not let the bugs be squashed. The Wolf class again showed their merit. The 2 forces retreated before we could finish them with the wave of missiles.

Now the Nommo are again starting aggression. They have yet to declare war but they have repeatedly attack Ishir with 180 ships on 3 occasions. Despite our forces winning on all occasion, we do not appreciated the loss of ships and lives. We must now evaluate whether to finish off the Nommo or the 3 remaining Tachidi worlds in our area. Despite our actions we must deal with the Raas who will soon finish off the 5 Tachidi worlds and turn their attention to us.

As soon as I know more information I will broadcast it.


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