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The Romilian Battles

Part Three

Included Log from the Former Nommo Leader

Our hatred for the infidels called the Romilians is to great. Our crusade has so far has been ineffectual. We will buy some time and rebuild our fleet. Our spies tell us that the Romilians are fighting against the Tachidi. We hope that the bugs have given them high casualties. I am aware of them taking many losses against us in our last battles. Despite the tragic loss of our home planet in Ishir we will prevail. Soon we will rebuild our fleet and smite the evil race that prevents us from obtaining our glorious heritage of ruler of the Orion sector. I have given as much morale support to my people as I can. It will be a long and hard rebuild but we will prevail. It is written in the stars.

Our time has come to return to our Holy War! Our fleet is 2,500 strong and ready for revenge!!! It was a long and hard road to this point. All productions were geared to military build up. At times it was difficult to keep up with the demand for food and other issues. Despite straining our economy to the breaking point it is now all worth it. We will retake Ishir and carve a path of destruction through the Romilian Worlds. We can no longer tolerate having any Romilian **** on our home star system. We have learned from the Raas who have taught us how to glass worlds and we learned from the Romilians that the power of the fleet is key. We will now take our lessons and use them well.

On 367GC we began our purification. We will use our large fleet to overcome the Romilians. They have not sent any new fleets since our last war, perhaps the Tachidi have hurt them... We have sent 720 ships so far to retake our homeworld. All forces have been repelled. We do not understand why they have not sent any counter attacks. Hopefully they unable to send any additional ships. If that is the case we will soon retake Ishir.

Log entry 375GC

The Romilians have mounted a full counter attack, they attacked Beta Hydri and very soon after Algorah B. We were unable to withstand the assault the loss of 9 planets will hurt us deeply. We need to counter the strength of their ships. We will set up a trap at both Chiba and Errai to wipe out the attack forces. Chiba IV and Errai II both have many moons with 12+ orbitals between our fleet and orbitals they will all die!

Log entry 390GC

The battle of Chiba and Errai are over. The cowardly Romilians failed to fight. They sent hordes of missiles and Fighters to weaken our defenses while their ships slipped away. Soon after an additional fleet of more powerful ships attacked. These ships were improved versions of their previous designs plus a new Titan class design never seen before. Our fleet is quickly being dwindled down and we are not sure how much longer we can last. We will pour all remaining resources into defense and ship building. We must win!

Log Entry 400GC

We have received some good news despite still losing planets. The Romilians have errored and captured Fieras. We sent a moderate size fleet and won. We will send all remaining colony ships to secure this world. From here we can strike some weakly defended planets.

Log Entry 410GC

Our fleet is depleted the few ships in the repair docks will not be ready in time to help us. Errai, Chiba, Yed and Fieras have all fallen. Only Muri and Laan are left. For some reason the Romilians have overlooked Laan. The two poor planets have been left untouched. They have a full fleet of 180 holding in the choke point (our former planet Chiba). I will be unable to flee to Laan since they have Muri already blocked off. We will make our final stand here.

Log Entry 415GC

Our network has informed us that on 412GC the Raas have declared war with the Romilians. We hope the Raas destroy this despised empire. We have refit any ship that can hold a weapon and sent it to defend Our remaining planets. Already Muri I and II have fallen. I will stay on Muri III until the end.

Log Entry 416GC

Our once glorious fleet now battles the Romilians for the final time. Our 126 ships and 9 Orbitals will take on the 180 Romilian ships. The battle is intense. Our brave forces are throwing everything they have but it is not enough the orbitals have fallen and we are losing many ships each minute. I have just received word that our fleet is gone. Fate has shun us...
My last action as the leader of the glorious Nommo is to curse the Romilians. May our bodies pollute the planet and cause a plague that will destroy the entire Romilian Race. We hope that the Raas and New Orions smite them and wipe them from this and all galaxies. We curse >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>..................


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