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The Romilian Battles
by The Romilian

Part One

Please note turns will be referred to as GC

Our Empire once again has the ability to grab hold of its destiny and create an empire for itself. To long have we suffered under the oppression of the Antarans. Strip of our origional Homeworld and used as test subjects, we loath the New Orion Rule. We will not forget the horrors of the past, we will rebuild and gain enough power to crush the Antarans under the full strength of our empire. We will make sure that when we attack we will make them pay in full. The great Romilian leader immediately sent the 2 scout ships to the closest planets, to long have we suffered in our worldly prison. On a gut feeling the colony ship is blindly sent to the more probable habitable planet. For the next 3 GC we wait as our colony ship slowly travels to its destination. Finally we receive word that there is a green 1 world in the system. Immediately the colony ship is dismantled and our first colony in many GC is established. This would be the first of many. For the next 40 GC we concentrate on expansion. We note a prize grou p of planets far beyond our borders in the Wolf system, however we have receive word that another races scouts have also grace these worlds. We immediately dispatch, 2 cruisers and our latest colony ship to make the long journey to the planet. Our best commander of the fleets, Danar Morgan, insists that we hold this planet at all costs. Our scouting expedition reports that it lies at the border of a race of bugs called the Tachidi. This world would make an excellant defensive choke point in addition to the planetary wonders it held. Danar Morgan surmised that the Tachidi were in the same position as us and would be unable to challenge our presence. For 11 GC we held our breath as a lone Scout ship defended the planet. This brave soul, warded of the attacks of more than 1 scout ship and chased their Colony ship away. By Turn 51 we had secured the wolf system and landed our colony ship. Our brave scout insisted on pressing the frontier rather than returning home for a recommision to one of our new Cruiser Class Ships(all ships have 3 designs LR,IF,CF). We were most disturbed when we received word that his ship was brutally destroyed by one of the Menacing Guardians that lurked in the galaxy. He was given a full military service and the highest accomidations for his services. At this time we came into contact with 2 races, Eronerli of the Nommo and Pxoptee of the Tachidi. We immediately sent delegates to create trade and Research agreements. All seemed well as our empire was growing at an astounding pace. All of our races flourished with the agreements and all of them were becoming stronger. Around 100 GC we colonized a world with our mutual friends the Nommo. The Rigel system bordered both our empires and was a excellant sign that our species could co-exist. We also made contact with our hate foe. We had finally come within range of Orion itself. All agreed that we were not close to challenging their might. We decided to bide our time and wait for the moment when we could extract our revenge. All this suffering had shown us the importance of patience. The Nommo would find a suitable way to distract us. On GC 103 they decided to end all agreements causing a rift in our empires. Our lone Rotilla was now forced to defend Rigel from a LR wave. With some brilliant tactics the Rotilla was able to hide behind Rigel and bombard the incoming wave with our missiles. By the time they reached the Rotilla they were reduced to only 6 ships. Our force saw the vunerability and quickly capitalized. The foward mounts blazed and the remaining ships were hit with everything the Rotilla had. The damage Nommo ships crumpled under fire power and the last barrage of missiles. Our hopes to reestablish peace were torn asunder when 2 full Armadas attacked our lone Rotilla. Our commanders knew that the rotilla was powerless to stop 2 full Armadas and retreated after unloading all missiles. 4 Ships paid for this attack on our world, however that was not enough to justify the loss of 10 million people.

GC 103- 124 First Romilian/Nommo War (Battle for Rigel)

Danar Morgan had wisely dispatched 2 armadas of the Powerful Tiger Claw Class Cruisers to Rigel All our Armadas were LR fighters. Each Force consisted of 6LR 4IF 4CF 2PD and 2Recons. They arrived in Pinella to defend our next planet from the dreaded Nommo Armadas. The skys above Pinella lit up as the Nommo ships exploded from the combined might of the Tiger Claws and the Missile base. With Reinforcements on the way, our 2 Armadas streaked to Rigel to destroy the 3 colonies already established by the evil Nommo empire. After a series of victories against numerous fleets and the destruction of 2 of the planets we encountered the counter force. 54 full armed Erionerli ships swarmed into the system. Our tactics had to be precise, The Nommo had already hurtled over 100 ships at us with 54 more? We only had a combined fleet of 64 ships... We needed to conserve our numbers. After unloading 2 volleys of missiles, the Armadas were ordered to retreat back to the safety of Pinella. Foolishly the Nommo followed barking a t the armadas heels. The trap was set. The Nommo confidently attack our planet with impudence. They were quickly overwhelmed by the combined might of the 2 Armadas plus our 2 waves of Reinforcements. Upon our vivtory we were not that the Raas had made contact with us. BY the next turn GC 110 we had signed a trade agreement. They were engaged in a bloody feud with the Tachidi. Our spies informed us that the Tachidi had provoked the Raas into a holy war. Both The Romilians and the Raas quickly grew in relations due to the mutual betrayal by the other races. For the next 14 GC the Romilians and the Nommo traded battles over Rigel. Every battle was the Tactical Romilians battling against the hopeless odds of the Nommo fleet. Despite being down by almost 2 to 1 in almost every battle we survived. On GC 124 the Nommo conditional surrendered. We needed time to regroup and reinforce our defenses. In the end we had once again colonized Rigel.The loss of life at Rigel was astounding for both sides.


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