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Part Five

Two years after we celebrate our 400th anniversary, the second Antaran X is decoded. The Antaran Outlook is now ours to use and our people are very happy to learn this. It is widely believed that if we are able to discover and then implement all five of the fabled X’s then we may be able to bring the galaxy together and avoid direct conflict with the Auarhciniala empire. One more piece of popular information is that the gas bags chose this as the year they would begin actively attacking Gamro worlds. They bomb the crystal worlds in this system into lifelessness. While our civilian populace is ecstatic to hear that we are getting support from this very powerful nation, militarily our officers see something else at work.

The last several years have seen a steady reduction in resistance from the crystals. They do not appear able to field significant fleets and their ground forces while still potent are not as numerous as they had started to become. From this and the fact that we have already taken a large number of worlds from them we can only assume that this war was reaching its conclusion. So why now would the gas bags finally decide to give us some assistance? Two very disturbing possibilities rise to the fore:
1. The gas bags are jumping onto the band wagon now that the heavy fighting is over to grab up more systems and worlds for their own empire thus denying them to us.
2. The gas bags are starting to actively pursue a policy to limit our growth much like our top-secret program to colonize gas bag outposts.

While the first possibility is annoying, the second is actually frightening. Given the warnings we have already received from them, such a policy could be a prelude to war. During this same year, 402, we attack the Gamro world of Ibis IV easily defeat their space born defenders and our assaulting army gains ground against the planetary defenders. The next year our ground forces on Ibis IV secure the panet without need for reinforcement.

Now the war against Gamro is in its end phase. They have less than ten worlds in five systems and our existing fleet is more than strong enough to deal with the threat. In 406 we attack the Gamro system of Merkent, easily defeat their space defense and then in preparation for a ground assault we spot a very large defending force. Armed with this information Admiral Greer dispatches three full armies in a single landing to take this world without delay. This is the largest single landing of troops in our nations history, and everyone is very confident that the world will fall without delay. One the ground we have a total of 99 combat units vs. a surprising 66 enemy ground combat units. We have expected a large defensive force, but this does exceed our expectations significantly. Our forces stage a successful landing and gain ground, but the defenders are able to maintain control over a large portion of their world.

The next year, knowing that our forces on Merkent I significantly outnumber the defenders, Admiral Greer directs his fleet to attack Merkent II. The groung assault on Merkent II goes quite well with one army securing the entire planet in the first year! This is a major victory for our ground forces. However, on Merkent I where we have three full armies slugging it out with the crystalline defenders, our forces gain ground but are still unable to secure the world.

In the same year that Merkent II falls we receive bitter news from our erstwhile allies, the Auarhciniala. Their Ambassador informed Ambassador Williams that due to weakening relation and undefined transgressions they are severing all trade agreements with us! This news is disasterous! An immediate emergency session of congress is called and Admiral Greer is brought forth to deliver a state of the nations defense report.

Standing in front of the assembled representatives from all across the Orion Federation Admiral Greer swallows a lump in his throat before proceeding. “Ladies and Gentlemen. While it is true that we are net yet at war with the Auarhciniala, the current trend in relations would suggest that we prepare for the possibility that such a state of war could exist in the near future. Currently we have a total of 393 ships in service to our nation. When you compare this to their 2,539 ships of war, I believe it is quite obvious that we are ill prepared to fight them at this time. Now it is true that we do have 251 ships in reserve, this still means that our active and reserve force amount to less than ¼ of their total ACTIVE force.”

“I hereby implore you to increase our military spending to the highest level possible until we are either nearly equal in strength to the Auarhciniala or relations with them have been restored to the point where the question of s future war is merely a war planning scenario. Otherwise, a future war that will not be likely in the next ten to twenty years. Without this spending increase we WILL lose any confrontation with them. Even with the spending increase it would be an unprecedented victory if we were able to defeat them in open combat. While you deliberate you need to consider one more thing. The Auarhciniala do not invade their enemies worlds. They bomb them. If the war comes it will be a genocidal war. If we lose no one single citizen on our nation will survive to tell the tale!”

A stunned silence falls in the capital building. Genocide? Genocide against us and our people?! We have been concerned about a possible war with the gas bags for so long, several centuries now, that consideration of what the results of such a war are no longer really considered. Politicians who had always balked about increase military spending for troops, ships and even research are now forced to question the actions they have taken throughout their entire lives. More hawkish politicians wonder why we have not been actively support enemies of the gas bags before now and question whether or not they could have pushed through more measures that would have strengthened their current position.

Without exception, every single lawmaker feels a sense of dread about what appears to be an impending war with the gas bags. When the vote on increased military spending is held, the vote is unanimous. Military spending would be increased to a level of Holy War! Any additional funds that can be found or saved will be spent on military preparedness. May God save us all if this war comes.

In 408, one year after congress approved a drastic increase in military spending Merkent I falls to our army. Two years later in year 410 more dread news arrives. An enemy battle fleet with 1,456 warships of various sizes and classes are spotted in the Muru System bordering a cutoff point on our frontier! Believe that war might be immanent Admiral Greer pull a large number of ships from reserve to buttress our defenses. Three armadas, 2 carrier armadas and 1 Missile armada, are placed in the strategic system of Joseki to begin building a fortress system to stop or at least delay this huge fleet from ravaging our entire frontier. Four more armadas, 2 Carrier, 1 missile, and 1 Long Range, are placed in the fortress system of Tefnut to defend our core worlds against a possible invasion and possibly even stage an assault one some Gas bag systems in the event of war. In all 126 ships are pulled from reserve to begin preparing for an alien offensive.

Year 411 brings a mixed bag of news for our now frightened people. The Gas Bags one again deliver a warning to Ambassador Williams. Greer thinks this particular warning could be because they were able to see that our active fleet had greater than a 30% increase in size last year alone! Either way though, the warning is one more sign that a war might be immanent. One the good side though, one of our Antaran expeditions has just discovered our third X. Their armada will begin their journey home next year. Our people are praying that the old legend of final victory for the race that deciphers the five X’s is true. For his part, Admiral Greer fears that this could be the only way any of his people might survive into the next century.

Year 412 finds us on the very brink of Total War with the Auarhciniala empire. We assault and capture the Gamro Shippan system. Then almost immediately the Gas bags end all treaties with us! Checking the relative strengths of our empires once more, Admiral Greer finds better, but still disheartening information. Our Nation now fields 525 warships. The gas bags however field 2,464 warships. We still face incredible odds.

Realizing that he can not defend the frontier and the core at the same time Greer decides on a different strategy. We will do what we can to take the fight to the gas bags and leave many of our frontier worlds undefended. Hopefully in the time that the gas bags attack our frontier we will be able to increase the size and strength of our fleet for a large and decisive confrontation. To take the fight to the gas bags, we will assault and capture/destroy their colonies in any system that we share located anywhere near our core. To support this new policy he pulls five more armadas from reserve and places them in two shared systems. If war comes, as it surely will now that ALL treaties have been severed. What else is likely to happen with dozens of armed worlds and potentially hostile worlds sharing the same systems? Now knowing that war is here, we will get in a few good licks of our own before they are able to destroy us!

For one last measure, Admiral Greer recalls the fleet assigned to take down the crystals. Leaving a single modern carrier armada behind to guard our rear; the entire fleet begins sailing back to the core with order to cleanse all gas bag worlds on their way home.

Ambassador Williams does his part to help in the coming war effort. He immediately offers and armistice to the Gamro empire. Then, seeing that another gas bag empire is calling for total war against the Auarhciniala he quickly seconds the motion. He does this reasoning that if we are going to war with a super power, then it is best to go with friends.


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