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Orion Federation

Part Eight

The Auarhciniala have pulled ALL of their ships from our space. While this is a good development, Admiral Greer is very nervous about what it might mean or portend. When congress learns of the new development many hawks begin demanding that we initiate surprise attack and do as much damage as possible until they can bring their fleets back. Unsure of how to proceed President Winters calls Admiral Greer to appear before an emergency cabinet meeting.

“Admiral, what do you make of this new development?”

“Madam president. I am afraid that I am not sure what I can tell you. Their fleets have left our space, but I have to believe that their 3,000+ warships are out there somewhere. I understand that many of our lawmakers want to attack now while their guard is down. I have to tell you that I am uncomfortable with that stance as our fleet still needs time to recover from the past two wars.”

“I see. But how would you respond to those who say the gas bags are simply waiting to attack us one more time and this time destroy us entirely?”

“Mam. I have to say that we need time. We have won every major battle thus far. Now we need enough ships to begin engaging their massive fleets on a more regular basis. If we can not do that, then we will surely lose any war with them.”

After a round of heated debate and more input from Admiral Greer, President Winters along with her entire cabinet decide that we will wait until we learn that the gas bags are at war with another empire before we launch an attack of our own. This way perhaps we can split their forces and reduce the overwhelming effect that their massive fleet will have against us.

Five years later in 439, another interesting and disturbing report comes in. When we verified the relative strength of our Federation against the Auarhciniala Empire, we found that they had no military ships in the field at all! This is very confusing to us, and just to check that our information is not screwed up or simply missing we check on the status of the Inaro Empire and found that their fleet has lost two thirds of its strength as well. Did they have a massive battle? If so, then the quality of the Inaro fleet must be awe inspiring as the Auarhciniala would have lost 3,000 ship to the Inaro’s 300. If only our kill rations against the Auarhciniala were so good…

At a special hearing of congress, everything is very chaotic as the lawmakers try to determine what this new development might mean. Perhaps their fleer was destroyed. With no solid information about where their massive fleets went and the fact that we are at peace, it is decided that military spending will be reduced back to Total War.

In 441 Admiral Greer is reviewing the status of his fleets and armies and he is very happy with what he is seeing. On the surface our military is the strongest in the galaxy. With spending reduced and the emergency seeming to have passed we are now beginning to field new armies for the first time in a while. Now, when the war begins again, perhaps we will be able to storm several of their worlds and not only deny resources to our enemy, but use those same resources towards our own ends.

Later in the same year, the Antaran X Genetics is developed and deployed for our use. This is our third X and this news could not have come at a better time. Our populous is very nervous about the goings on in our galaxy, and with this development they see a ray of hope that perhaps everything will turn out ok. Two years later with our reserves building up, a new armada is send on an Antaran expedition.

In 445, the stress of not knowing what the gas bags are doing is too much. Wanting to be seen as doing something for the defense of the nation, Congress votes to increase military spending back to Holy War. I armada and one pack are diverted from Joseki to Merkent for greater defense of the frontier. Admiral Nelson is getting very nervous. At least before we knew what was happening. Now, for all we know there are literally thousands of ships just waiting to swarm across our borders and he has no idea of where.

In 446 we get the answer to our questions. The Auarhciniala break all treaties with us, including the non-aggression pact. We are going to war again, the third gas bag war. Still not knowing where the gas bag attack will be directed, Admiral Greer pulls five armadas (4 carrier and 1 Short Range) from reserve and places them in two strategic systems. Then the fighting begins.

There are literally dozens of confrontations in the first year of the third war. Immediately we can see that the gas bags have just pulled literally hundreds of ships from their won reserves to fight this war. The first battle fought is in the Waage system. The battle is colossal an in the end, we win! The gas bags lost 145 ships to our 19. A very decisive victory for our armed forces! However in the same year, we lose battles at Indactly and Merkent where our garrison forces are overwhelmed by the gas bag fleets. In the Delphini system where we had intended to attack the last to Gamro worlds, the gas bags are there in such force that we simply run in order to save our forces.

In 447 the fighting continues. Hoping to reinforce his fleet at Waage he pulls a carrier pack from reserve. This year also sees quite a bit of fighting as Admiral Greer commits his forces hoping to gain an advantage against the gas bags given that they only have a little over 800 ships in the field to our 560 thus far. At the second battle of Waage, again there is a colossal battle and once again our forces are victorious! The gas bags lose another 161 ships to our 38 ships. While this is a great victory for our fleet, we cannot sustain these losses! For the time being, until Admiral Greer is able to reinforce Waage, this fleet will remain a defensive force only. No longer will they be allowed to attack the Gas bag worlds in their system.

At the battle of Joseki we see the second colossal battle of 447. again we win, but this time our victory is not quite as decisive. The gas bags lost another 151 ships, but this time we lost 76 of our own ships. The Joseki fleet is still an effective fighting force, but they will no longer able to take the offensive without massive reinforcements if they continue to take losses on this scale. In the same year we lose a battle at PiPegasi and in the Ibis and Delphini systems our forces run rather than engage a far superior force. We also lose the Indactyl system to enemy bombardment. While are people are celebrating our victories in Waage and Joseki a feeling of foreboding begins to develop with news of the fate of our Indactyl colony reaches home. There are no survivors. Every man woman and child in the colony was exterminated.

The next year is more of the same. Checking fleet balance and relative strength of our nations we find that while our fleet has 524 ships in service the gas bag fleet is now up to 1,265 even after all of the losses we have inflicted on them to date. This means that in three years of fighting they have pulled over 1,700 ships from their seemingly unending reserves! Seeing a very negative trend in fighting so far, Admiral Greer asks for a meeting with the president.

“Madam president. I regret to inform you that unless something changes for the better we may be losing this war. While our fleet is weakening with the fighting their fleet in the field continues to grow in great numbers. We are not able to sustain combat in both the Joseki and Waage systems, so I have been forced to choose between them. Given the tactical situation, I have had to choose Joseki given that it is located in the heart of the frontier, and that is where they will do the most harm to us. We are unable to take the fight to the enemy, and that is NEVER a good thing.”

“What do you suggest we do Admiral? I mean, our spending is at the highest possible level and our factories are turning out nearly a full armada every year. What more can we give you?”

“At this time I am afraid I don’t know. Except for one thing. Reduce the planetary and research grants throughout the Federation and divert those grant towards the military. This may give the extra we need to turn the tide.”

“Ok, Admiral. I don’t see where we have much choice. I’ll make sure it happens. Anything else?”

“No mam. I’ll keep you informed and let you know if anything changes.”

In this year the second battle at Joseki is fought, and once again our fleets are victorious! The gas bags lose 147 ships to our 23. Once again we have lost more ships than we can replace, but we seem to have no other option. In a smaller battle, we win in the Muru system while losing a battle in the Viharab system. Soon after the loss in Viharab, the disturbing news that Viharab II has been bombed to nothing reaches home.

With the conflicting reports of another major victory yet another colony lost with every man woman and child being killed once again, the public is unsure how to react. They are being told that we are winning every major engagement, yet we are still losing our colonies with no word that we have destroyed or captured ANY gas bags worlds. As the media begin to put the pieces together they finally begin to understand the truth.

While we are fighting valiantly, WE ARE LOSING THE WAR!

In 449 Admiral Greer removes the newest armada of the fleet and sends it to aid the defenders of Joseki. That year there is yet another major fight in the Joseki system. The third fight in as many years. Once again our forces are victorious destroying 10 gas bag armadas with 160 alien ships losing a total of 53 of our own ships in the battle. Immediately after the battle we are able to bomb Joseki III but we are unable to destroy the entire colony.

We lose battles in the Necht and Wasat systems. The gas bags bomb our colony of Necht I out of existence. Reviewing the status of his fleets, Admiral Greer feels like he wants to cry. The defenders of Joseki, having won three major battles in a row no longer have enough forces available to continue offensive operations. In three years they have lost 153 ships and I have only been able to give them 18 ships as replacements. Now I do not have a single fleet in service strong enough to take the fight to the enemy.

I am afraid that it is time to change policy and give up on protecting even half of the frontier. Our losses will be terrible, but our survival depends on our ability to protect the core.


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