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Orion Federation

Part Three

In the year 342 we assault the Gimro system of Girtab. The defense of this system is very stiff and two of our armadas are utterly destroyed in the fighting. To make matters worse, when our army landed to secure Girtab IV, we are repulsed losing nearly 100% of our forces! Admiral Greer is shocked, but given that the army was a marine army and he still had a battletoid army in reserve he decides to try and keep the information quiet for a short while, at least until he is able to land his troops on this troublesome world. Then, in 343 a second army is repulsed with very high casualties very similar to the first.

This time it is impossible to keep news of his losses from the public and there is an outcry from the public for retribution. Admiral Greer is called before congress to explain the losses. In the hearing he points out that consistant with his earlier request to redesign the battle fleet, the ships in this battle were growing old, not to mention the fact that both of the armadas that were destroyed were running at under 50% of their original strength. For the results of the ground battle, he stedfastly reports that we do not have
ANY additional armies to send into battle at this time and he only committed one army at a time because to do otherwise would have stopped his offensive.

Now though, with no more ground forces ready for battle he is forced to wait for additional reinforcements to reach the front before he can continue the long offensive against the crystals. Many in congress questioned why he did not have the ground forces he needed to continue the war and his only response was a simple response. “I sirs, do not have the authority to decide how many and what types of ground troops you supply me with. Give me more troops and I will not again run unto a situation such as this.”

After his congressional hearing, Admiral Greer reported to the president for a top-secret policy meeting. At the meeting both President Alicine Winters and Admiral Greer agree that they are pleased with the secret colonization policy to check the power and expansion of the gas bags. Yes the gas bags continue to grow in strength, but at least in areas where we have influence, we are dominant. In most systems shared between the Auarhciniala, and us, our cadre of system ships and system defenses should be at least equal to what gas bags have available in the same systems. This is welcome news indeed. While we still hope to postpone such a war to a much later date, this will give us an edge that could save us in the event of a full-blown war.

There are other precautions being taken as well. We have designated a few select strategically located systems as fortress systems and as their defense grow; our ability to check any advance into our core worlds increases greatly.

As our newer and more advanced warships begin to fill our reserves, it is decided that we should send some of our older ships out to look for some of the fabled Antaran X’s. Having come to the conclusion that this would be a good way to utilize our outdated warships, Admiral Geer dispatches three armadas on Antaran Expeditions.

In the year 370, Admiral Greer felt as if they were finally ready to take on the Guardian at Usa. Taking this Guardian out would open our core worlds up to another invasion route, but with four full armadas to take on the guardian and then provide for system defense he is confident that gaining the new system would be worth the limited risk. Besides, the nations on the other side of this star lane are benign and Ambassador Willaims had long since been able to establish full military alliances with them.

So, in this year 2 carrier and 2 missile armadas are launched against the guardian. The battle is fierce, but victory is ours! We lost a total of 13 warships in the battle, but we have been able to secure a paradise world along with to other new and untouched worlds to add to our ever-growing nation. The war against the Gamro continues, we are taking losses, but the gains we are making in these battle more than make up for any losses suffered thus far.


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