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Orion Federation

Part Eleven

In 461 Admiral Greer is pleased to be able to pull 2 more armadas from reserve at the Tefnut system to reinforce the entry point to our core and the keep the enemy from our home system of Awenn. With the battle to push the gas bags from these systems near our core going se well, he is finally able to give some time and effort to other fronts that had been neglected.

When he accesses intelligence reports about the strength of the Auarhciniala fleet he is saddened to see the results. We have 437 ships while the gas bags are still fielding 2,460 ships. Nearly half of their entire fleet is stationed at Joseki facing our meager force of 102 ships. Admiral Greer simply shakes his head in disgust. His meager force is nearly than 25% of his entire fleet! How in tarnation am I expected to defeat an enemy that can field such a massive force? Someday soon I will have to provide enough ships to Joseki so we can try repeat what we did in Waage.

Later in the year the defender of Waage attack the gas bag colony of Mu Veloru I defeat and destroy the remaining 42 enemy warships stationed there and then bomb their colony out of existence. In return, the gas bags attack our frontier system of Whynil II and then bomb our colony out of existence. A one for one exchange in controlled worlds. We will NOT survive if we cannot improve these odds a bit more.

The war continues as in 462, Admiral Greer’s plan to begin moving on the offensive and expand the secure perimeter of our core begins to take shape. The defenders of Tefnut follings admiral Greer’s ambitious plan to expand launch an attack against Archid I. They quickly destroy the planets defenses losing 12 of ships in the battle and then bomb the colony. Following the earlier plan to clear the near core worlds of gas bag colonies, that will allow the expansion of the core, the defenders of Waage continue their assault by launching an attack against Mu Veloru IV and then bombing that colony, nearly destroying everything there. For enemy action, they attack us in the Indactyl system and then bomb our colony of Indactyl V destroying the colony killing every man woman and child once again.

In 463 Admiral Greer pulls an armada out of reserve at Tefnut along with one army. 134 enemy ships engage our forces at Archid and the resulting battle is both swift and fierce. Every enemy warship is destroyed and we lose a mere 11 ships in the action. Yet one more major victory to add to our growing tally of victories, and yet there is still no significant change in our strategic situation. Having beaten the space bound defenders of Archid II, we land an army there and take the colony with little enemy resistance.

Continueing the battle in Mu Veloru, the defenders of Waage assault the colony of Mu Veloru IV once again. This time, the bombardment finishes the job that they started last year. The Mu Veloru system is finally purged of our enemy and only one system remains to be cleared before the near core can officially become a part of the new expanded core!

For the next two years the campaign to expand the core continues as the defenders of Tefnut attack and then successfully invade the colony of Archid III and then bomb Archid I once again, this time destroying the entire colony. In 465 the same year that Archid I is destroyed, the defenders of Waage assault the gas bag world of Fakar IV and then bomb the world in their final push to purge this sector an effectively complete their mission.

With his campaign to expand the core going well with few losses, Admiral Greer feels safe enough to dispatch a new short range armada to Joseki bringing the force there just one step closer to the point where they will begin engaging the massive fleet arrayed against them there.


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