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Patton's Adventures

Patton's "Continued Adventures among the cattle races"
"How Patton learned to stop fearing and conquer those pesky little critters that kept getting in his Empire's way"

With the fall of the Altair Guardian, the populace went mad with jubilation. For fully two cycles the elation was almost palpable throughout the far reaches of the Imperium. We had proven ourselves worthy of our heritage. Surely, now none would dare oppose us. Soon after establishing a base on Altair IV we were approached by one of the cattle races we now knew populated the rest of the universe. These creatures called themselves, "Nommo" and were ruled by a peaceful and gullible emperor named Imea.

When the ambassadors for Imea immediately beseeched us for a Pact of Non-Aggression we knew they were soft and unworthy. They were ripe for exploitation, and exploit them we did. We flatly refused their diplomatic advances at first. The only starlane out of Altair lead directly into a Nommo system. Without a clear avenue for expansion, we decided take what was ours, and what was ours was the Galaxy. We would tolerate no resistance.

The Altair taskforce was mobilized again and set forth upon the task of war. We mobilized 5 full Field Armies of our best armor troops, supported by 3 Marine Field Armies. Our fleet met no defense forces even worthy of mentioning. The pitiful 2 System cutters were dispatched before they even knew we were there. Next, we landed our assault force. The squids were crushed. They had not the backbone for conquest. (Get it, they're cephalopods – No spines! ) Again, we found that only one starlane lead us out of the system, going deeper into Nommo territory.

We began to stall for time against the Nommo diplomatic delegation that had arrived on our home world. They now demanded peace. We knew they were bluffing. Another Nommo planet fell before our armies, crushed beneath the iron boot of the valiant Evon Armor Corps. Then another and yet another. The Nommo worlds were easy prey.

Too late we discovered that we were quickly running out of troops. Unrest and even outright revolts broke out in our Empire for the first time in recorded history. It was found that many people had quickly become fond of the ugly squids, much in the way a child is fond of a pet. When the Nommo delegation began to threaten us if we didn't accept a peace treaty, we made unreasonable counter-offers. Demanding several systems be handed over to us. These systems would be ours, either through force of arms, or force of will.

Several more worlds fell, until we had all the planets we had been demanding in our counter offers. We coolly accepted the Nommo offer of peace. Trade was established, along with a shared research program and even intelligence. With our new found knowledge and planets we met the Tachidi. The bugs had an expansive Empire in the south west arm of the galaxy. There worlds would be ours soon enough. While solidifying our hold on our new worlds we came into contact with several new races. These too would fall before our undeniable might. We were approached by a Cynoid empire from the galactic core, and found a Sakkra fortress planet. We also noticed an Ithkul colony on the boarder of Nommo space. When asked about these interlopers, the Nommo (who were now full military allies, the fools) told us these horrid abominations had been waging war against the Nommo for years. The legends were true. The dreaded Harvesters were real, and they were here.

We set about to end the Ithkul menace and established an outpost controlling a 2 starlane junction with a stable wormhole that lead to the center of the galaxy. On the other side half the Ithkul words lay waiting. We were approached by an Ithkul "Ambassador" who wanted to trade with us. We refused its advances and had the monster executed for being a spy (no, not really. But it sounds cool) Once again, we mobilized our fleets, and began the long road of cleansing the universe of the dreaded Harvesters. Soon only memories would remain of the nightmare creatures.

Our destiny was manifest. Our might was unparallel. Our will was unyielding.
We were Evon.


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