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Assault on Altair - Part Two

Never before had we been so humiliated. Never before had we lost. Never again would we make the same mistake. The effects on the military hierarchy over the lost of our expeditionary force were both immediate and severe. The Emperor demanded that those responsible for this debacle were held accountable for their actions. Their inactions. Many more would die before the dust settled.

Immediately, we set upon the horrible task of war. New ships were constructed, new crews trained to replace those lost. A full 30 cycles were spend preparing for our second assault. New and more efficient engines were designed for the task. New and more durable ships designed. The first of our first long range "Warlock" Class Battle Cruisers were assembled. Armed with the very latest in weaponry, the new plasma cannon, these ships packed greater offensive fire power than one of our old missile cruisers, with unlimited ammunition. We were not content with this however, as our scientists decided that bigger ships were needed. Our first "Thor" Class LR Battleships were rolling of the assembly lines as well. We assembled the largest armada in living history. 3 IF task forces of the venerable "Man-o-War" class missile cruisers, 2 Carrier groups including our newest "Apollo" Class Battle Cruiser Fleet Carriers and finally the mighty 7th Assault Armada. It consisted of 2 "Thor" class BB's and 4 "Warlock" class BC's and 5 "StarKnight" Class cruisers. All our new LR warships were equipped with spinal mounted plasma cannons. All the Task Forces were escorted by no less than 4 of our "Phalanx" class PD Destroyers and 2 AWAC's Corvettes. Additionally 2 Recon TF's accompanied the vast fleet, over 120 ships total to the target.
Our revenge would be swift and terrible.

We arrived in Altair and immediately began searching for our prey. Eager to exact revenge for our fallen, our commanders mixed a health dose of caution, not wanting to repeat the mistakes made by their fallen comrades. Fighters launched to scout ahead and the recon TF's surged ahead of the fleet. We began searching with our latest detection software. Our Mark III ECM units engaged automatically along with our new Mk. III ECCM software. The guardian would fall. We would end it, here.

Soon, we detected the hated enemy, out of firing range for both of us. A massive salvo of missiles were launched as our fighters swooped down upon the mechanical monster. The mighty 7th set an intercept course and lumbered ahead. The missiles detonated with the brilliance of ten thousand suns against the Guardian's shields, blotting out the entire system on our ship's sensors, overloading them with the massive burst of radiation. Time dragged into what felt like an eternity as missile after missile found its target unleashed its fury on the target. When the holocaust subsided, sensor techs eagerly peered at their screen, searching for any sign of the intruder.

A near palpable wave of fear and near panic washed over every ship when the guardian emerged, seemingly unscathed. Some of our more inexperienced captains wanted to turn and run right there. To their credit, they did not. Instead they resigned themselves to their fate and did their duty. Our fighters broke through the PD screen and began their own assault, convinced their efforts were naught but a suicide mission. Remembering the last assault, none expected to survive. This time, however, things were different. The Guardian unleashed its own interceptors and fighters, but they were quickly overcome by our superior numbers. The pilots began to believe that they might just survive and redoubled their efforts against the Guardian's shields, visibly weakening them. A cheer went up throughout the fleet when the shields collapsed.

The guardian was far from dead, though. And its own fire exploded across space. Several Man-o-War cruisers went down in service to the Imperium. A second volley of missiles was ready just as the 7th came into firing range. Plasma rained down upon that which had dared to deny us. Explosions rocked the mighty warship, and armor was vaporized. Into this inferno the second volley surged, the damage was astronomical. With only minimal shields left the guardian shook under the terrible assault.

By now it had closed to point blank range, and our own PD turrets added their fury to the storm. Beams lanced out and hit the Guardian which began to buckle under the assault. It vainly tried to escape, but caught between the 7th which was almost in range again after swinging around from its initial assault, and the PD of the fleet, its fate was sealed.

All of our rage and indignation at the previous defeat was poured into our offensive fire. It was as beautiful as it was terrifying.

The once mighty guardian of Altair was little more than a battered hulk. Still, our lust for blood was not sated, a 3rd volley of missiles was fired at the now helpless creature before us, and it exploded in a ball of expanding gas and a shower of buckled armor and hull plating. We had won.

We had reclaimed our rightful place among the stars, surely even the gods themselves would now recognize our greatness, our destiny.

We would not be denied.

We could not be stopped,

for we, were the Evon.


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