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"The final Assault: An AAR"
"Insert witty AAR pun, based on a movie title here"

"Antaran!" The cry raged throughout the cities, throughout the planets, echoing throughout the universe itself.

"Antaran!" The cry was one of rage, a demand retribution for past injustices. A price paid in blood.

"Antaran!" Our people went mad. The battle cry was heard in every corner of the Imperium, every man, woman and child swept up in the palpable rage spinning out of control. Every corner, every nook resounded with the energies of war. Even the dark places where none dare venture, were alive with an almost physical crackling of hatred and disgust.

Antaran! The cry resounded throughout the Imperium. At last the ancient enemy was found. At last we would have our revenge.

Every fiber of our beings seemed to cry out for blood. An almost unreasonable hatred, fear and loathing of those we saw before us exploded into forefront of our thoughts, drowning out all other concerns. All else ceased to matter in any way, no other thought was able to find room in our consciousness. Only hatred, rage and the overwhelming desire to exterminate those we found before us.

We set upon ourselves the holy task of eliminating the Antarans once and for all. The proclamations of being, “evolved” and “New Orions” fell upon deaf ears. We would brook no resistance. We would let nothing stop us. We were a universal truth, we were the overwhelming will of the universe itself. We were death incarnate and we came for (them) – We were death incarnate and we were unstoppable.

We quickly finished up the distracting war with the Cynoids as we built up forces with which we would rain down fire upon these, “New Orions.” Our newest Leviathans were mobilized for this task, escorted by Super Dreadnought and Titan class escorts. Our newest, “Doombringer” class Direct Fire Leviathans, with their Ultra-Spinal mounted, Auto-Fire disintegration beams, the “Omega X” class indirect fire Leviathans, carrying enough Omega Warheads to vaporize an entire planet in seconds as well as our newest carriers, the undeniably mighty “Yamamoto” class super carrier. A leviathan with enough disruptor armed fighters to blot out the sun.

We were ready. We were capable. We were willing, and it was time. A small expeditionary fleet, comprised of over 300 smaller ships, mostly battleships and dreadnoughts was dispatched to feel out the defenses around Orion. Our brave sailors emerged from the Starlane and set course for inner system. We detected a paltry 16 system ships (I’m not sure how big, they looked like Titan sized, maybe larger) heading our way. These ships intercepted us before we could reach the planet and engaged us.

The fools.

The never got a shot off. Our ships poured fire into the enemy and destroyed them all within seconds. The vaunted and much feared technology of the New Orions was not much more advanced than ours. In fact, many of our scientists believed that we had actually surpassed them. Encouraged, we sought to bring this conflict to its inevitable conclusion with a swift and decisive victory over Orion IV. Upon arriving in the skies over the senate hall we found 8 orbitals, and 64 massive warships waiting for us.

We again threw ourselves into the task of curing the universe of the desease plaguing the Orion system. Our system. Our rightful place of honor. Our destiny.

The New Orions weren’t quite done yet. There newest sortie against our expeditionary force would prove too much for the aged and considerably smaller ships to handle. We managed to destroy almost 20% of their forces, but our expedition was completely wiped out.

Endgame. It was time. We knew they had nothing, no true will to fight. We could feel their weakness, their lies and paper thin venire of strength could not fool us. We would finish this thing. It was time!

Fully 800 warships left staging areas. All were our most modern design, all were crewed with the best and brightest troops we had ever produced. Such a gathering of warships had never been seen before. Such power had never before, in the history of our race, been seen in one place. Such strength had never before been set upon so single a purpose, so righteous a target. Never before had so many looked forward to the chaos of open warfare.

Our fleets again emerged from the Starlanes in the Orion System. This time we were greeted by over 120 NO Warships. 180 ships of the first division were selected to deal the first strike of our final blow. Beams of eerily beautiful death sliced across the black abyss. Missiles and fighters swooped down upon their targets. Explosions flowered and died, thousands perished in those few frantic hours. (I like to think of each minute being an hour) No quarter was given, and none was accepted. The Carrier, “Indomitable” slammed itself into the NO warship which had brought about its destruction, ending its life along with its own (this didn’t happen. I’m embellishing for the sake of the story).


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