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Patton's Adventures

"The fall of the New Orions, Part I"
"Patton continues to bend the universe to his will"

For the past several hundred cycles we had wrought our vengeance upon all those who had opposed our will. The mighty Ithkul, it had been discovered, were actually two separate empires. So much the better as it would give our ground troops ample time to practice for our ultimate goals. We sent our fleets to their worlds, beating back their feeble attempts to fight us. They were nothing. We were destined by the universe itself to dominate all life. They could no more stop us, than they could stop time itself.

We had freed the Draconis and Fieras systems of their little guardians, freeing up the southern arm of the galaxy for our expansion. We had destroyed the Guardian of Nazin on our way towards the core, and the Cynoid Empire. Nothing could stop us, we were the ultimate power in the universe. Still, we were wary. We had been surprised once before, and we would not fall prey to the same mistake again.

We watched, we waited and we planned.

We moved.

The mechanical adorations, the affront to nature itself, the Cynoids had declared war upon us. US! They would be taught the folly of their impudence. They would learn what it meant to stand in our way. The "mighty" Cynoid Regime put up a brave fight, but in the end, all their efforts were in vain. Their mighty fleets were broken, their 95 colonies were taken, their population was made to work for our purposes. We had, in our invasion of Cynoid space made several discoveries. We found two worm holes that lead to a second Ithkul Empire, and a Silicoid Empire. The second harvesters immediately declared war upon for what we had wrought upon their brethren. The silicoids wisely avoid all diplomatic contact with us.

One other discovery was made.

The ancient enemy had been found. That nightmare we use to keep children in line. The despicable criminals of the universe. The defilers. That which cannot be named in the open spaces.

The Antarans.

The word was a most vile curse. A phrase one uttered to his mortal enemy as the knife was driven into his flesh. A spit in the face of everything we were, of everything else we would be.

The mighty Antarans were found at last. Yet we did not fear. Nay, we laughed in their faces for their haughty attitudes. Their sickly spies were caught and tortured, their patrols were all dealt with in a manner befitting the scum. No, we did not fear them at all. We had discovered their secrets, the might 5 "X's" of Antares. We knew their weakness, and we would exploit it.

We let word out that the Antaran race had been found. That the remnants of their Empire were here, under the guise of New Orions. The resulting public out cry was all that we could have hoped for. Now, we would make them pay for their crimes. We would make the universe itself bow before us. None could stand in our way.

We, would teach these, "New Orions" what it meant to meddle in the affairs of their betters.


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