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"The final Assault: An AAR, Part Two "

While our losses were substantial, the NO's losses were total. Not a single NO ship survived the firey encounter with the Grand Fleet. The Second battle of Orion had been joined in earnest. Our fleets moved deeper into the system, this time attacking at Orion III. A mere 8 orbitals awaited us, along with another NO fleet. This time, the NO's fielded 64 warships. Again, our fearless soldiers unleashed our mighty weapons of war. Again, the NO fleet crumbled before us. Our Omega missiles made short work of the planetary defenses, our carrier born fighters easily destroyed the orbiting defense stations, then turned their weapons of the NO warships. Our "Doombringers" once again proved up to the tasks set before them. The swatted the NO warships out of the sky like knats, their spherical explosions sounded the death knell of the NO regime.

Seeing the NO resistance faltering, our fleet commanders called for the mobilization of ground troops for the final offensive planetside. 12 Field armies were called forth and a vast transport armada left for NO space.

Meanwhile, the NO forces once again ventured forth to meet us in battle. Another 64 ships rose, ready to face their doom. We could not help but give these warriors a grudging respect, for they must have known by now that the struggle was fruitless, yet still they fought. Once again our warships carried the day, this time suffering only superficial damage. Our new dampening fields were more than adequate to protect us. Our military strategists noticed that the NO fleets were getting steadily weaker with each passing cycle.

The next cycle, with the arrival of our transports, the NO's managed to sortie a paltry 16 ships, smaller in size than any other we had seen, and far weaker. They were destroyed with ease. The same happened for the next two cycles as we patiently bided our time, for we were patient, and we had time and strength to spare. Time was one thing, however, that the NO's were quickly running out of. Seeing the hand being dealt, we called our transports forward, and much of our fleet departed the Orion system. Our final victory was at hand.

The next cycle saw the same 16 system ships rise off planet. We had long equipped our transports with weapons, armor and shields (SD transports with Shadow cloak, 9 troop pods and 1 Auto-Fire, spinal mounted Death Ray, IIRC). Their cloaks made them invisible to the hapless defenders, who were destroyed with ease. We began to land our armies.

Our technology was superior, our will indomitable, our victory assured. We would not be stopped. We would carry our bitter struggle to the very doors of the Senate hall, if needs be.

In the end, the NO's had no appreciable ground troops, a few hundred Battloids which were destroyed with ease. As we repeated this same thing over the 3 remaining NO worlds, our leaders came forth, landed on Orion IV (the biggest planet, and last to fall) and stood atop the ruined Orion Senate building as the last NO Battloids exploded in the distance, taking the handful of remaining NO militia with them. All faces turned to Orion, all beings across the universe gave their full attention to the events unfolded before them. Every race, every being, every entity, even the Gods themselves looked upon us and knew.

Their masters had arrived.


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