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1. Economic Overview
2. Planetary Pollution
3. Mining

I Total Mining DEA Output
II A Mining DEA's Efficiency
III A Mining DEA's Capacity
IV Antaran Unit (AU) Income

Total Mining DEA output =
Mining Efficiency * Mining Capacity

The Mining DEA's Efficiency is the amount of mineral units it creates per unit of ‘capacity’, which one can think of as the size of the facilities for that DEA.

Mining Efficiency =
(Base Mining Efficiency
+ buildings, achievements, planet and regional specials, plus species attributes and race picks that modify Mining Efficiency)
* Efficiency Modifiers

Efficiency Modifiers are
Infrastructure * Morale * Gravity * Leaders * Government Type * Government Agenda * Pollution * Specials

The capacity of a DEA is measure of its size or extensiveness. This also determines the size of the workforce needed to operate that DEA at full capacity.

Mining Capacity =
Base Mining Capacity + buildings that modify Mining Capacity + Forced Labor Units

The Base Mining Capacity starts at one.


AUs from the Direct Consumption of Mineral Units

When a Mining DEA or the Natural Extractors of a planet’s population create mineral units, they are sold as raw materials (and sometimes food) to meet the producing civilization’s basic mineral needs. This generates taxable income for the planet that produced those minerals at the following rate:

Money from Mineral Consumption =
Mineral units consumed * Consumption Usage Value

AUs from Surplus Mineral Units

Surplus mineral units produced are not wasted. If a planet has produced any unconsumed mineral units, they disappear into the consumer economy but do generate some additional taxable income for that planet. How much? See the formula below:

Mineral units not consumed * Consumption Usage Value * Race Pick * Supply & Demand

AUs from Rare Minerals

Regardless of production, consumption, or surplus, wherever mineral units are created a certain amount of "rare minerals" are also generated as a byproduct. These rare minerals are a completely separate taxable income source generated by their direct sales as luxury items (as opposed to a mineral unit’s use as a mere industrial raw material or, for some races, food).

Below the formula for the taxable income from the rare mineral byproducts.

Mineral units produced per Mining DEA * (Mineral Richness value on Broken Terrain + Specials) * Mining Race Pick



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