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Planetary Pollution

1. Economic Overview
2. Planetary Pollution
3. Mining

I Pollution Creation
II Pollution Clean Up Costs
III Accumulated Pollution

While military operations cause collateral damage that might inflict pollution, here we will focus on ‘self inflicted’ pollution from economic production.

Planetary Pollution Generated =
((Production Pollution * Race Picks * Government Agenda * Pollution Creation Variable) * Pollution Reduction Multipliers)
Planetary Pollution Tolerance [If this value is less than 0, it is treated as ‘0’.]

The Pollution Creation Variable is a "Tuning Variable" set at one (1).

Cost to Clean Up Pollution =
1 AU per
(1 + Pollution Clean Up Achievements + Pollution Clean Up Facilities + Race Pick)
units of pollution

The remaining pollution accumulates, if the full cost to clean it up isn't paid.

Production Efficiency Loss Multiplier from Accumulated Pollution =
0.50 ^ (Mess Level / 100 + Race Pick)
[So, for every multiple of 100 the Mess Level obtains, its DEA efficiencies are halved.]

Environmental Degradation from Accumulated Pollution:
For every (50 + Race Pick) Mess Level a planet has, its Habitability Ring is considered reduced by one level. [That is, Paradise drops to Optimal, Optimal drops to Inner Green circle, Inner Green circles drops to Outer Green circle, Outer Green circle drops to Inner Yellow circle, etc.]



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