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Starting Technology
The heart of your empire's government, the capitol is required to maintain proper order. Losing the colony that has the capitol building will have severe effects, depending on your type of government. It can be rebuilt if destroyed, but otherwise can not be built.
Pulse Rifle
Hand-held weapon that fires high-velocity projectiles.
Spy Network
Trains a number of spies that you can either use as defensive agents or active spies to steal technology or sabotage enemy installations.


Orion / Antaran Technology
Death Ray
Fires an intense beam of cosmic rays inflicting 50-100 points of damage. Any damage that penetrates the shields kils 1 marine unit for every 5 points of internal damage. Modifications: heavy mount, continuous.
Reflection Field
Subspace field that reflects beam weapons back on the attacker. Chance to reflect is the ratio of reflection field strength of 10 to the sum of weapon attack damage and reflection field strength.
Damper FIeld
Surrounds a ship with an energy dampening field that reduces the damage a ship takes by 3/4. Has a 50% chance of distorting a transporter beam attempting to move troops onto the equipped ship, killing the troops instantly.
Quantum Detonator
Creates an interphase reaction when the ship is destroyed or self destructs, tripling the destructive power of the ship's explosion. Ships equipped with a quantum detonator have a 50% chance of self-destruct when captured.
Particle Beam
Fires a stream of matter in a focused energy beam that is naturally shield piercing, and inflicts 10-30 points of damage. Modifications: continuous, heavy mount, and point defense.
Spatial Compressor
Creates and instantaneous subspace distortion in a 2-square radius about the equipped ship. Everything in the area sustains 4-32 structural hits times its size class, ignoring shields.
Xentronium Armor
Ships with this armor have 10 times the base structure and armor points. The hit points of fighters are multiplied by 5. Adds +30 to ground troop combat strengths.
Black Hole Generator
Creates an artificial black hole. The target ship is trapped in an intense gravity pocket and cannot move. Unless the generator or the equipped ship can be destroyed in 2 turns, the black hole will destroy the target.


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