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The galaxy movement screen is the most commonly used display in the game. From this screen you can move starships, view star systems, and manage planetary production. You can also examine unexplored star systems, scan incoming enemy fleets, and view enemy colonies.

Galaxy Map: The galaxy map contains a variable number of star systems and nebulas. Most of the star systems will have one planet that can support life. The type and size of the planet depends on the color of the primary star. Yellow stars provide the most habitable planets, while planets around purple neutron stars are more likely to be mineral rich. When play begins, each star system will remain unknown until scouted by one of your ships. The only information that you will have until then will be the color of the star. One of your first objectives should be to explore all nearby systems in order to decide where to begin colonization.

When a star system has been colonized, the name of that star system will appear below the picture of the star, in the color of the race that colonized it. If the star is outside of your scanner range, its name will appear in a dark color. You will only be able to see ships that are within the range of your scanners.

Nebulas: Nebulas are great particle clouds of matter. Starships traveling through a nebula are reduced in speed to warp 1 (one parsec per year), and perhaps more importantly, deflector and planetary shields do not function inside nebulas. However, nebulas increase the chance of planets inside being mineral rich. Nebulas are illustrated on the galaxy maps as great purple clouds.

Changing Current Star System: The star system currently being viewed is surrounded by a green pulsating border. The information on the right side panel will refer to that star system. To change the currently viewed star system, click on the intended star. If you have colonized the star system, the right side panel will be replaced by the Planet Production panel. You will be able to change the type of starship being constructed and alter the distribution of resources. If you do not have a colony in the system, only the planet’s environment, size, and special characteristics will appear on the right side panel. If you click on a star system that is already selected you will see the Planet View Screen, a full screen view of the planet with all the information concerning that planet.

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