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When creating a new game, you have a great deal of control over the actual game play by deciding what size galaxy you want to play in, the number of opponents, and the intelligence of your adversaries.

Small – 24 stars. A quick game, and contact with other races is almost immediate. This is actually more difficuilt than playing in larger galaxies.
Medium – 48 stars. Long enough to develop most technologies.
Large – 70 star systems.
Huge – 108 stars. For epic games with huge empires and massive star fleets. Note that the game can be very slow in a huge galaxy.

Difficulty: The difficulty setting affects several components of the game, including your opponents’ production rates, expansion rate, technology development, and willingness to ally with you. It also determines the size of your initial fleet.

Opponents: Choose the number of opposing races in the galaxy, from 1 to 5. The fewer opponents you have the longer you will have to develop your empire before contact is made.

Race Choice: Races are chosen from the following:
The Alkaris – an avian race of superior pilots.
The Bulrathis – a large bearlike race with superior ground troops.
The Darlok – shape-changing spies.
The Humans – outstanding diplomats and traders.
The Klackons – productive insect workers.
The Meklars – cybernetic masters of automated production.
The Mrrshan – a catlike race with accurate gunners.
The Psilons – brilliant researchers.
The Sakkra – prolific lizards.
The Silicoids – crystalline beings immune to hostile environments.
For more information, see the chapter “The Alien Races.”

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