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MEKLARS have mastered robotic control of factory production. When playing as a particular race, you should take advantage of your race’s special abilities. They can have a drastic effect on your decisions. A winning strategy for one race can spell quick defeat for another.

Alkari — The Alkari are descended from large birds and are still capable of limited flight. From an early age Alkari learn to master the subtleties of flight and three dimensional motion. As a result, Alkari make superior pilots: their ships are very difficult to hit and, given equivalent designs, their ships will move before any others except the Mrrshan. Alkari pilots add three levels of defense to any spacecraft they pilot in combat and add +3 to their ship initiatives.

To take full advantage of the Alkari’s combat bonus, Alkari players should build small and medium ships. The defensive bonus tremendously reduces the amount of damage taken.

Bulrathi — The Bulrathi are a fierce bear-like race that possess incredible strength and constitution. No other race can match the Bulrathi in personal combat, giving the Bulrathi a +25 bonus in all ground attacks.

Bulrathi players should always attempt to take colonies with ground forces even if outnumbered.

Darloks — The Darloks are a ruthless race of shape shifters capable of taking on the form of nearly any living being. This unusual ability to change forms makes them superior spies and allows them a bonus to all sabotage, espionage, and security functions. Darlok spy networks cost only half as much as other races’ spies. The Darloks add +30 to their Spy Fate rolls and add +20 to their security. Of course, no one trusts a Darlok.

Darlok players should concentrate on one or two areas of technology for a technological advantage and steal the rest.

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