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I Icatus

Part Three - Over the Skies of Alkair

Jak’t caught up with Nesh on the enormous level 10 flight deck on the carrier light speed. “How’s the squid hunt”, the commander of 1005th Flotilla shouted over the roar of the giant elevator moving a group of interceptors to the launch deck.
“Hi Jacko”, Nesh shouted back informally. “Everything’s fine now when we have signed a non aggression pact with ‘em, put it didn’t stop a few teed off light runners to dog the outskirt of the sector this”, he looked at the clock to orient himself with the time, since here in deep space with the constant darkness, day and night were just the passing of the clock, “…morning.”
“Yeah? Same ‘ol samo?”
“Sure”, Nesh shrug his shoulders. “They ran as soon as my squadron came running down on them, any action yourself?”
“Nah”, he shook his head, “but the word is that we are heading out again, meeting a fleet somewhere on the north side of this galaxy.

The very thought of this tremendous space from this point to the other being bridged in matter of a few cycles were in deed mind boggling, but after having campaigning against the Nommo’s for 30 cycles, all that space were nothing more then a few months traveled before any new battle.
“Any word?”
“Well if I’m right” he said and looked around if someone were looking, “ I think they’re building a new attack force made out of the absolute latest technology unlike this ‘ol boat, and giving it to the Raas like a whirlwind. What ya think?”
“Who knows, I look at this as a little holiday before the crap hits the fan again. Whether it’s the Raas or the Ithkul, we’ll find out soon enough. Well, nice chit chatting with you, I’m hitting the showers, so I’ll see you in the mess hall okay?”
“Sure, see ya.”
“Take it easy.”

It was a jaw dropping feeling indeed, as the carrier entered into the Alkair system 2 months later. The tiny little myriads of dots, became a lot bigger as they approached the mobilization center around Alkair III. The size of some of the new Behemoth class Long Range ships sent a chill down Nesh spine. There must have been hundreds of the larger ships, from Super Dreadnought carriers to dreadnought Indirect Fire ships with racks of huge torpedoes lined up on their hulls. Thousands of interceptors of the latest Hyper class were lining up to enter through the docking points on their designated carriers and there must have been several thousands small support vehicles, still maintaining the capital ships as the million twinkling of sparkles from last minute jobs littered this mighty ships.

“Wow”, and that was the least he could say, there were others that had more to say about that.


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