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Part Two - Onto Orion

Icatus never got the chance to see his old friend alive after the last time, since just shortly thereafter the president was killed. Some say he died in a mysterious illness, prolonged by age and poor health, but Icatus knew better. The senate wanted the illusion of safety and immortality to reign, which in this war torn times seemed like a good idea, but Icatus felt somewhat disturbed in how any likelihood of assassination was discarded by members of the senate. Even more so, the apathy he felt around him, disconcerted that their long time leader could so easily be accessed.

“Don’t even think so”, he heard a harsh voice next to him. As he turned around, the second most powerful man in the Evon high council stood before him. High Admiral Varn was by all account a tall and burly Evon, with eyes that could pierce holes in your soul. Now he stood there in his ceremonial uniform, with a somewhat dampened look upon his face.
“Under normal circumstances”, he said, “I would congratulate you at your new position, but I’m far to sadden by recent events to feel up to the task.”
“As do I, I will take no offence.”
The old warrior smiled. “Walk with me, this please have more ears that a wiskoth catbeast.”
The plaza outside lay gray and damp in sorrow and the otherwise joyful and busy place had but a few Evons hurrying across.
“If you don’t mind”, high Admiral said and turned on the personal dampening field around them, in order to make it near impossible for anyone to listen in on their conversation.
“I gather that K’tac told you about the books the last time you saw him?”

Icatus thought about lying but it seemed foolish considering the admiral already knew. “Yes – I can’t seem to find their whereabouts, they are completely missing out of his library.”
The admiral let out a short barking laughter, “Did you really think he would display them openly in his own study? Maybe that’s why someone was stupid enough to kill him in his own house.”
As much as it disturbed Icatus to see the warrior laughing at his friend’s death and disposition, he was curious enough to keep his concern for himself. But Varn must have seen something and offered an apology. “I mean no disrespect, naturally and for all intent and purposes, I’m completely outraged over his demise. The thought that someone had the gaul to murder him like a dog and the lack of empathy from the senate is sickening indeed.”
“Who, could have done this thing?”

The soldier shrug his shoulders. “There’s no indication Klackon remnants laid behind this one, or for that matter the Nommo’s or Raas. We have managed to contain their agents quite effective. No, I think this one and I don’t dare saying so, comes from our midst.”
Waiting for some kind of shock effect, Icatus just nodded agreeing. “I think so too. I feel ashamed now knowing that I got caught up in this feverous feeling that I had to oppose my mentor’s decision of war. I still don’t know much about it and as much as I try to shake the doom and gloom from me, I feel somehow, deep inside me, that there’s something more sinister afoot.”
“When you read the books, my president, then you will understand.”

Those words, more then anything anyone had every said before, struck him harder and with more power. My president , it dawned on him finally. As a protégé, it was never certain that he would precede K’tac as president. It was fully possible that someone else more experienced would take over. But the sudden realization of all this power felt like a hammering burden on his shoulders.
“Yes, president” he repeated more to himself then anyone else.
“Which brings me to my other matter, the Antarans.”
Glazed, he looked at the admiral.
“What about them?”
“The last order at hand, our eminent attack on the New Orions.”
“We are?”
“Yes”, the admiral didn’t even flinch. “The last standing order of the day, before he died, was the preparation to go to war against the New Orions.”
“Really, this…”, Icatus had a hard time formulate, “war with the Orions, do we really have the power to do this?”
The High admiral blinked, just once. “I’m confident that we do. However, in the event of disaster, we do have a standing reserve of ships to cover any losses.”

Icatus felt at that precise moment that the galaxy came collapsing down on him. He had prepared for continuing war against some of the races, but the thought of actually standing ready to attack the Orions, was the last thing on his mind. His mentor had mentioned the Antarans, but he never thought it to be this urgent. And now, as the ruler, he had the precarious situation where it could choose or not to choose going to war.
But he was just simply to new at this. And he needed so desperately to read through his mentors books before he could make his own judgements in the case.
“For your sake I hope you are right. When can I expect any briefing on the continuing build up?”

There was a noticeable sigh of relief. “Soon, but first you have some books to read.” echoing the very thought he had inside. He felt, if only briefly, like a puppet at the end of the puppeteers strings.


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