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Making an army of spies
by Silicoid Hater

If you're planning to "cripple" the enemy with your spies here are some tips.
The best two types are diplomatic and scientific.

Diplomatic spies are cheap and quicker to build than other spies. And you know how annoying it is when it says "A government building was destroyed on -where ever-. A cloacked figuer was spotted leaving the scene" on the sitrep almost every turn.

And it's pretty obvious why scientific spies are good.

Here's what you'll want to do If it's tech your after. Keep training scientific spies until you have about 9 or 8 of them. Then unleash them into your enemy's empire.

With diplomatic spies you can get the same number quicker. Or you can add another two if you want.

The reason why you have to insert alot of spies at once is because about 3 out of 7 actually make it in.



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