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A Government Guide
by Psilondude

SPECIAL NOTE: Throughout this guide, the governments refer to patch version 1.25 as some governmental preferences have been changed since the first version.

Governments can be annoying to understand and difficult to decide which government is perfect for your current situation. Most races have the Absolutist series governments, but for a high points cost you can upgrade to Representative or Collectivist governments. They cost in their increasing order of sophistication: the Absolutists, lowest points, but the worst possible governments because there are more bad things than good. The Representative series are the middle of the range, but they can provide quite effective bonuses. The Collectivist governments are the best possible. They combine excellent advantages with minimal or token disadvantages. Unification, the last and most advanced government has several bonuses and no disadvantages.

Here is a list of the available governments and their bonus factors.

Despotism: Boosts Manufacturing and Military but decreases Mining and Bioharvesting.
Monarchy: Manufacturing and Military are slightly enhanced but Research and Bioharvesting are decreased.
Oligarchy: Research receives a slight boost but Manufacturing is slowed down considerably.
Constitutional Monarchy: Constitutional Monarchies decrease Manufacturing slightly.

Corporate: Corporate governments boost Mining and Manufacturing but decrease Bioharvesting, Research and Recreation.
Democracy: Bioharvesting, Mining and Manufacturing efficiency are increased but Military efficiency suffers.
Parliamentary: Boosts Manufacturing significantly but Environmental suffers.
Republicanism: Bioharvesting, Mining and Manufacturing all flourish under Republics.

Hive: Hive governments increase Bioharvesting, Mining, Military significantly, Military is improved, but Recreation is worse.
Unification: Bioharvesting, Mining, Military and Manufacturing are all increased in efficiency.


Humanoid: Human=Representative    Evon=Representative    Psilon=Absolutist

Cybernetik: Meklar=Absolutist    Cynoid=Absolutist

Saurian: Sakkra=Absolutist    Raas=Absolutist    Grendarl=Absolutist

Icthytosian: Trilarian=Absolutist    Nommo=Absolutist

Etherean: Imsaeis=Absolutist    Eoladi=Absolutist

Geodic: Silicoid=Absolutist

Insectoid: Klackon=Collectivist    Tachidi=Collectivist

Harvester: Ithkul=Absolutist

COST OF GOVERNMENTS (in racial points)
When Standard government is Absolutist, it costs 30 points to get Representative and 60 to get Collectivist.
When Standard government is Representative, you get 20 for reverting to Absolutist and it costs 40 points to get Collectivist.
When Standard government is Collectivist, you get 20 for reverting to Representative and 40 for reverting to Absolutist.



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