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PrimEpic Mod by Zorromorph

Version: 0.7 (September 7th, 04)


PrimEpic Mod is my first published mod project, and attempts to create a pre-warp setting along with a more epic tale that the player will weave throughout the course of the game.

New features in version 0.7 include major changes to ground combat, more and slightly increased task force sizes, larger homeworlds, and expansion of the tech tree from 50 levels to 99 levels.  As always check the readme for a full explanation.

Version 0.5b of PrimEpic Mod fixes several bugs, including:
AI Expansion/Shipbuilding (several bugs related to this), Antaran X bug fixed that caused an X to be lost due to attrition while ships were inbound, Gofur's UI 1.2 and Combat FX+ 2.0 removed due to size concerns, removed all sensors/ecm/cloaks to remove visibility issues until a suitable fix can be found. Also fixed system ships, a problem which was causing MAJOR piracy issues. Some other minor changes.

Version 0.5 fixes some bugs from version 0.1 that made it too easy, as well as making many additions.  It has been optimized for use with the included third-party mods from the community, and for use with the Moo3 patcher by Bhruic, which is highly, highly recommended.  New to this version include the following:  new shipyard technologies, revamping of planetary defense by eliminating system ships and planetary bases in favor of much more powerful orbital facilities, reintroduction of missiles with stronger shields to compensate, utilization of Xeryx's technique of changing weapon mods to improve AI shipbuilding, greater gameplay distinction between hability types(Red 2, Yellow 1, etc), and many more changes.

Major changes introduced in version 0.1 include, but are not limited to, creation of a unique strategic situation based on more linear travel and the elimination of so-called 'chokepoint' systems, and the elimination of starting fleets for non-Antaran races along with reduced initial homeworld development to create the pre-warp feel. This is only the tip of the iceberg, but should allow for a taste of where this project is going.
Future editions will include, among other things, major overhauls to various technologies, for the purposes of rounding out/balancing the tech tree, a major overhaul of the economic system, and a rebalancing/adjustment of the various races.

The author welcomes all comments both positive and negative regarding this project.


PrimEpic Mod v0.7 (520 KB) | Downloads: 8818


To install, simply unzip the downloaded file into your primary game directory. Also make sure you delete the ships.mob file in the Master of Orion III\GameDataSets\Classic_01\GameData\Common\ directory. If you are uncomfortable
deleting, simply moving it to your desktop or to another folder (outside of the Master of Orion III directory) should be sufficient.
If you do not remove this file, the default ship designs will remain in the game, and this is a VERY bad thing, there will be light cruiser colony ships made when only the lancer hull should be available under this mod. Removing this file forces the AI and the player to design their own ships, and is absolutely essential to the proper use of this mod.

NOTE: Please read the accompanying short README file before using this mod.



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