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Advanced Hulls Mod by Cl. Dumbass

Version: 0.3 (July 31th, 04)


Changes made from Version 0.2:

  • Scrapped old System, replaced it with one where you start with 5 hulls (Corvette, Frigate, Cruiser, Dreadnought, Behemoth) that are improved every 10 tech levels.
  • Added "Angled" armor mounts with double the deflection but half the AP.
  • Added "Hull_Bld+=2" to each race.

Changes made from Version 0.1:

  • Increased hull_bld+= on first two shipyard techs so that the homeworld was at light cruiser, as it was supposed to be. New worlds start at cutter.
  • Added the name for the "uber" ship's shipyard tech to wsTechnology.
  • Slightly increased uberness of the uber ship.

Changes made from Vanilla 1.2.5 MoO3:

  • Added System Speed modifications based on hull class (which work because of bhruics patcher), causing smaller hulls to move faster during a fight thereby allowing them some usefullness in the later game.
  • The fastest ship with fastest drives will go 37800 gm/s, but the norm will be closer to 13,500 end game. Hopefully they won't out-run missiles/fighters at 13,500.
  • Added "Advanced" versions of each hull, buildable as soon as researched on any planet capable of building the normal version. These versions have 20% more space, are 20% faster, and cost 20% less (base) than the normal versions.
  • Added a special class of "uber" ship that you will probably never get because of it being on tech lvl 50.
  • Lowered tech-level of "normal" hulls, and put the advanced versions at TL 20-44/46, one "advanced" hull per 2 tech levels.
  • Prayed that the AI won't !#%! it up like they do most good ideas.

Required for proper functioning:

  • Bhruic's patcher, with his "hull max speed" mod. Can be found @ this thread.
  • Probably something else, but nothing blaringly obvious.

If anyone likes this mod I might:
Further increase hull types complexity.
Make mount types 10x as interesting.
Increase armor types, with more to worry about than thickness.
Bunches of other fun stuff.

Questions, comments, suggestions, flames, rants, etc to be directed to infernogaming(at)hotmail(dot)com.


Advanced Hulls Mod v0.3 (138 KB) | Downloads: 2967


To install, simply unzip the downloaded file into your primary game directory. You'll also have to download Bhruic's MoO3 Patcher and use the hull max speed mod located here.



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