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Pardus is a free Massive Multiplayer Online Browser Game (MMOBG) playing in a future where traders, pirates and other pilots of various races and factions strive to gain wealth and fame in space.

"It seems like a combination of Escape Velocity and Tradewars / Drugwars, which is probably the highest praise I could give a browser game." - user comment


March, 2005

Paladin-007s Defensive Mod v1.1
Posted by Bladefist on March 30, 2005 at 02:21:55 PM (170 views)
Paladin-007 has updated his defensive mod after being alerted to an annoying bug.

You can find this and other mods in our mod archive.

Razeful's Mod Update
Posted by Bladefist on March 16, 2005 at 02:26:23 AM (197 views)
Razeful has updated his mod to version 1.1.

This mod enhances how the AI works (ship design, various modifications to weapons).
Also removed techs that did not work and ground combat techs because of the AI's inability to use them.
Reworked certain ratios in various tables affecting how the AI works.
Reworked the races and governments.

Download here

New mod and new MoO2 links
Posted by Bladefist on March 05, 2005 at 12:35:00 PM (236 views)
I have added a new mod to our mod archive, Paladin-007's Defensive Mod.

This mod makes the following changes:
1. Enforces Task force Rules. All TF's must have PD
2. Increases Task force size to 36 ships
3. Increases PD presence by 25%.
4. Increases Orbital size by 24X.
5. Increases System Ship size by 6X.
6. Increase Planetary shield Strength. Deflection up 25%. Strength up 10%.
7. Increase capacity of Fighter bases by 3X.
8. Increase capacity of Missile Silo's by 3X.
9. Increase fire rate of Beam bases by 5X.

Download here

Also, there are two new links in our MoO2 links section. Both offer official and fan patches, mods and guides for playing Master of Orion 2 online.
Yes, there are mods for MoO2! (german)

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