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Ground Combat Strategies from Grunts
by Grunt

Ground combat actually isn't hard at all if you work at it, especially if you are the attacker. If you're the attacker you should outnmber the enemy by a good amount. If your numbers are over 1 1/2 times greater than the comps or all they have is militia, Massed Assault is what I always use. From the description in the rulebook it sounds suicidal but in reality in the game it slaughters your opponents. If you lack numerical superiority but are on the attack enable nukes, chems and bios, as I have yet to see any loss from using them (ie unrest etc.) and just check which strategies show up as "high" for the battle, never use Massed Assualt though.

Well I know that's short but really it's not that hard, so try to keep on the offensive!



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