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Buttons at the bottom of the Main screen access other screens with more detailed information and control displays:
Game: lets you save and load games, change settings for sound, and quit the game.
Design: lets you design new types of ships. You can have no more than six types of ships active at any one time.
Fleet: shows you where all of your ships are, what their specifications are, and lets you choose any ship types to scrap to make room for newer designs.
Map: displays an overview of the entire galaxy.
Races: controls your interactions with other races you have contacted. Here you can speak to their ambassadors, send out spies, and see how your race stands compared to others.
Planets: summarizes information about all of your colonies, and your empire’s economic status.
Tech: shows you the technological advances you have, and allows you to set the ratios for your six areas of research.
Next Year: ends this turn, and sends the game onto the next one.

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