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We highly recommend the use of a mouse to play Master of Orion. The left mouse button is always used to select an option, and the right mouse button to cancel a selection.
The numeric keypad can be used instead of a mouse, to move the pointer. Be sure that the Numlock is turned on. Pressing selects an option, and pressing the key cancels a selection. To scroll the game map, hold down the key while pressing the numeric keys.
Most buttons on screen can be activated by pressing the keyboard key corresponding to the first letter of the button’s name. There are a few exceptions to this rule:

Control Screen:

– Online help.
– Next planet.
– Previous planet.
– Next planet with a newly built ship in orbit.
– Previous planet with a newly built ship in orbit.
– Next planet with enemy fleetsapproaching (requires Improved or Advanced Scanners).
– Previous planet with enemy fleets approaching.
– Scrap Planetary Missile Bases.
– Report on spies caught.
– Centers the screen on the current planet.
– Turns a map grid on/off. The grid marks every 5 parsecs.
– Changes all RELOCation destinations to the selected planet.

Fleet Screen: SPECS –
Tech Screen:– sets all research allocations to the same amount.
Combat: SPECIAL –
Many screens:

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